About the Pro-Truth Pledge

Board of Directors

Photo of Gleb Tsipursky

Gleb Tsipursky, PhD

Co-Founder, President

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky is the President of Intentional Insights, and co-founder of the Pro-Truth Pledge. A behavioral science expert with over 15 years in academia, including as a professor at Ohio State University, Gleb is a speaker and consultant on decision-making and social and emotional intelligence. He authored the #1 Amazon bestseller The Truth-Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide and frequently appears in venues like Time, Scientific American, Newsweek, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, NPR, CBS News, Psychology Today, The Conversation, and CNBC.


Agnes Vishnevkin, MBA

Co-Founder, Vice President

Agnes and her husband, Gleb Tsipursky, decided to create that resource and launched Intentional Insights in 2014. Agnes holds an MBA in Nonprofit Management from Brandeis University and has more than 10 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, including operations, fundraising, grantmaking, strategic planning, and social enterprise. Agnes served as Vice President of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio from 2013 to 2014.

Bentley Davis

Bentley Davis


Bentley has been working on finding ways to help people agree since 2011. He has 20 years experience in software development and 15 years in Management both in large corporations and in small startups.

intentional insights

Steve Monge


Steve maintains financial records as the organization’s Treasurer and Ex Officio member of the Board of Directors (a position he has held since October 2016). He is happy to contribute to rational thinking, especially in the political arena. Steve is a member of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO). He has degrees in accounting and statistics and works in the insurance industry, where failing to think rationally can have serious financial consequences.

Advisory Board

Felicia Winfree Cravens

Felicia Winfree Cravens promotes truth via her Unfakery Facebook page, which she started in 2017 in order to help conservatives learn better how to avoid fakery that was targeted at them. As a twenty-year veteran of Texas Republican politics and conservative activism, she feels her credentials might help reach people on the right where other sources might be dismissed.

She founded the Houston Tea Party Society in 2009, and spent much of her time developing training resources, helping people new to politics become involved and effective. Her frequent media appearances gave her a crash course in messaging and media relations as well. A political blogger for over ten years on various platforms, she has focused chiefly on conservative messaging and media accountability. Felicia is also a seventh-generation Texan, and mentions it to the point of being obnoxious.

Stephan Lewandowsky

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky is a cognitive scientist at the University of Bristol in the UK. His research examines people’s memory, decision making, and knowledge structures, with a particular emphasis on how people update information in memory. His most recent research interests examine the potential conflict between human cognition and the physics of the global climate, which has led him into research in climate science and climate modeling.

He has published more than 200 scholarly articles, chapters, and books, including numerous papers on how people respond to corrections of misinformation and what variables determine people’s acceptance of scientific findings. Professor Lewandowsky has contributed around 50 opinion pieces to the global media on issues related to climate change “skepticism” and the coverage of science in the media.


Michael Tyler

Michael Tyler is an experienced executive, adviser, and board member. He has over 35 years of experience in transactional and technology business, including network industries and financial services in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. He helped lead major infrastructure projects, including worldwide HBO television distribution by satellite and the Southern Cross undersea cable network, and secure over $12 billion of structured finance for a variety of cellular, electric power, and transportation projects. Michael has volunteered his time to international relations, housing for vulnerable individuals, and progressive politics.

Lorenzo T. Neal

Lorenzo T. Neal is the senior pastor of the New Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jackson, MS. In ministry for over 25 years, he is an author and host of Zera Today with Pastor Lorenzo Neal radio show. He is a member of a number of fraternal, political, and social organizations. Visit his website at www.lorenzotneal.com

Peter Singer

Peter Singer has been the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University since 1999 and the Laureate Professor at the University of Melbourne since 2005. In 2005
magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and in 2012 he was made a Companion of the Order of Australia, the nation’s highest civic honor.

Peter Singer is known especially for his work on the ethics of our treatment of animals, for his controversial critique of the sanctity of life ethics in bioethics, and for his writing on the obligations of the affluent to aid those living in extreme poverty. Singer has written, co-authored, edited or co-edited more than 40 books, including
Animal Liberation,
The Life You Can Save, and many others.His writings have appeared in more than 30 languages.