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Pro-Truth Pledge Website Badge

After you have signed the pledge you can add this badge to your website to let others know:

I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge:
please hold me accountable.

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They Chanted “Take The Pledge”

This video comes from a rally for the launch of the Pro-Truth Pledge (PTP). The goal of this project is to get thought leaders to commit publicly to orienting toward spreading accurate information, reward those who do so, and penalize those who do not. We see the PTP as a game-changer that would use behavioral science-based insights about rewards and punishments to create much better incentives for thought leaders, as well as ordinary citizens, to share accurate information and avoid sharing misinformation.

Politics, Moral Honesty, and why I took the Pro-Truth Pledge

Read why Jon Kribow decided to sign the Pro Truth Pledge in his blog post titled Truth Over Team Sport.

The Pledge is about truth and honesty within politics. It is essentially about an open, public commitment to valuing truth — even uncomfortable truth — over comforting lies and fake news. This is a worthwhile cause, as much as any. It is worth doing, regardless of your politics.

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Q&A AMA about the Pro-Truth Pledge

This is a Q&A meeting dedicated to the Pro-Truth Pledge (, where potential participants ask questions of the pledge organizers and brainstorm some ways to prevent problems with the pledge. Check it out and let us know any questions you might have!