Public Figures and Organizations That Signed the Pledge

Here are the 21 organizations, 46 government officials, and 139 public figures that have signed the pledge.

College of Curiosity

Facts matter, and they're under attack by those who thinks their values are more important than objective reality. The College of Curiosity pledges to never knowingly share false information, and to correct any mistakes as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Kevin deLaplante

The only way to promote norms of truth-telling and respectful, rational dialogue within the public sphere is to (1) teach the importance of such norms for democratic citizenship in the 21st century, and (2) incentivize conduct that conforms with these norms. On these points I agree with the philosophy of the Pro-Truth Pledge.

Brendan Phillips

Asbjørn Lauwersen

Combining Behavioural Science with the mission of truth is a brilliant initiative. Several issues with today's media landscape have been made possible because of the human minds willingness to accept statements that it already thinks is true, but isn't, and come up with reasons for why true statements that speak against our beliefs might be lies. But with a bit of help, we can become much better at participating in a democratic debate based on accepted facts about the world. Media Sifter Is a project with a similar purpose that allows for a community of citizens to fact check the news for all to see. Feel free to join that community as well!

Earth Organization for Sustainability

Yes We Can Columbus

The leadership of Yes We Can Columbus support the mission of the Pro-Truth Pledge wholeheartedly! Fair, unbiased information can be difficult to find. This is particularly true in political campaigning at the local level where there are often only one or two news sources covering local politics, if any. Yes We Can Columbus is committed to making civic engagement more accessible in Columbus by raising awareness around issues that matter to working people. We want to our city officials tackling complex problems like income inequality and corporate welfare, police violence, climate change, and inequities in public education. To have this, we need an educated and engaged constituency. We are grateful to the Pro-Truth Pledge for promoting democratic values by holding politicians and candidates accountable to the truth.

Colleen Dempsey

The leadership of Yes We Can Columbus support the mission of the Pro-Truth Pledge wholeheartedly! Fair, unbiased information can be difficult to find. This is particularly true in political campaigning at the local level where there are often only one or two news sources covering local politics, if any. Yes We Can Columbus is committed to making civic engagement more accessible in Columbus by raising awareness around issues that matter to working people. We want to our city officials tackling complex problems like income inequality and corporate welfare, police violence, climate change, and inequities in public education. To have this, we need an educated and engaged constituency. We are grateful to the Pro-Truth Pledge for promoting democratic values by holding politicians and candidates accountable to the truth.

Amy Harkins

I took the pledge because I want the people of Columbus to have access to fair, accurate information when making their voting choices in local elections.

Erin Upchurch

I'm taking the pledge because I believe everyone in Columbus deserves access to accurate information to inform their vote in local elections.

Abby Vaile

I took the pledge because I believe the people of Columbus deserve access to accurate information to inform their voting in local elections.

Jasmine Ayres

I took the pledge because I believe the people of Columbus deserve access to accurate information to inform their voting in local elections.

Will Petrik

I'm taking the Pro-Truth Pledge because I want everyone in Columbus to have access to fair, accurate information during local elections.

John Peters

Tell the truth: sounds like a good idea.

Ben Cattaneo

I host and produce a podcast called "All Things Risk" - I have guests on the show who cover a range of topics. In my efforts to bring interesting guests and compelling content to my listeners, I want to make sure I do everything I can to share, honour and encourage truth.

James Franklin

Truth is the basis for rational decision-making and exchange of information in both public and private settings. When we make decisions we must be able to rely on what others say and the information they provide to be true and correct. Without such a foundation, all that we do is suspect. Many organizations, Boy and Girl Scouts, Civitan, Kiwanis and other civic groups, also include telling the truth as a basis for their activities. As public officials, our constituents must be able to rely on the information we give them as the truth as best we know it. When we determine we are in error, we must acknowledge and correct it. I invite my fellow public officials, public figures and fellow citizens to join me in making this pledge.

Jeff Wagg

Facts matter, and they're under attack by those who thinks their values are more important than objective reality. I, and the College of Curiosity pledge to never knowingly share false information, and to correct any mistakes as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Our Revolution: Salt Lake and Surrounding Counties

We are taking the pledge because we, as a group, believe truth, in the media, politics, and our work as a group, is of utmost importance. By signing the pledge, we hope to help encourage our elected officials to join us in signing and holding each other accountable.

Melissa Lipomi

Michael Smith

Adam Davis

It is critical that in an era where the President is constantly lying about miniscule, easily disprovable things to disorient and distract us that we recenter our public discourse on facts and reality. Disagreements are not new, and will always be present, but these disagreements must be grounded in truth and facts. Only then will once again achieve the civil, high-minded discourse that seems to evade us at present.

Michael Blum

Melissa Manrow

I believe in data-based decision making and factual discussion.

Unite Pasco

Kelly Cruse

Joe Begeny

Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee

Resist for GOOD Indivisible

C Keiki Stacy Weigle

Method Social Kinetics LLC

Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Running for the Mayor of Midvale, Utah, potentially the first transgender mayor of a sizable city

Marla Mott-Smith

Tali Bruce

Candidate for Cottonwood Heights, Utah City Council District 3

Emily Hase

Adam Thompson

Darlene McDonald

When our elected officials lie, it could really mean the difference between life and death. Our elected officials lied about the ACA for over 7 years. This lie has shaped public opinion and policy. We must hold our elected officials accountable when they do not tell the truth and support them when they do, even if it's not politically expedient to do so.

Council of Ex Muslims of Britain

Rob Moore

Sadia Hameed

Mike Hazel

Jonathan Brostoff

Andrew Copson

Lauren Wagner

Thomas Jicha

Thomas Lucente

Amy Jones

I took the pledge as I'm sick of seeing lies and deceit in the news, particularly on social media - it's all so depressing. On my podcast Amy Talks Politics, I address this regularly, as people believe a lot of 'fake news' and updates that aren't true. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes: Follow the show on social media!

John Radell

Alexandra Hegel

I took the pro-truth pledge because I think misrepresentation of news and information by the media is a problem of ever-increasing magnitude. I want to support efforts to promote honesty in journalism and politics. I hope that more politicians will be encouraged to sign this pledge as more of their constituents sign on, and hopefully this will help hold them to a higher standard.

Amy Jones

Marilee Buckley

John Gibbs

Trent Nesmith

These simple, common sense strategies can direct real progress in an atmosphere crowded and paraliyzed by misdirection and manipulative bias. My campaign for congress whole-heartedly pledges to further the truth and consensus building around fact-based ideas. Count #teamtrent18 in for the protruth pledge one hundred percent.

Mansell Baker

I support this initiative. Change in our country starts with the truth!!!

Christopher Peters

We face some tough problems in America, and knowing how to address them adequately requires first understanding them fully. To do so, we need honest and substantive discussion on all important issues, and not merely superficial and frequently argumentative partisan talking points. Unfortunately, those have become the norm, and we need to actively resist by behaving civilly, being willing to engage in discussions with those with whom we may disagree, and to hold our elected representatives responsible to do the same.

Linda Wattley

I Linda Diane Wattley took the Pro-Truth Pledge because I believe in what this concept stands forth. After talking with Gleb Psipursky, I learned one thing to remember, to not do anything is just not living. Something this simple can make a difference in transforming the confused minds of truth and fiction. I am in for clearing minds of deception. I have always believed in the power of truth and the power of the micro into the macro. It is an honor to be a part of something this amazingly growing vision. Humanity needs a cleansing and I believe it begins with planting seeds of renewal. My online TV show "The Truth Will Set You Free affiliated with TLBTV The Beacon of Light Project is my gift to the world to share truths that liberate and bonds us together for the greatest good of mankind. Also, as an author I write and share support , encouragement and enlighten to victims of PTSD, sexual abuse and all forms of unjust sufferings truths we are far more than our sufferings.

Elaissia Sears

Heidi Calder

I took the Pledge and will encourage my public officials and leaders to do so also. Alternate Facts/truths and Fake News will tear this country asunder. We have to fight back!

Shawnee Rios

Johnny Martin

Enrique Lescure

Because it is more essential than ever that we base our public discourse on attestable facts. It is not a matter of opinion that we are disturbing the climate, destroying the soil and freshwater reservoirs and outcrowding eco-systems. It is not a matter of opinion that if we continue with this would cause a sixth mass extinction. It is not a matter of taste that we use more resources annually than the planet can renew. We need to base our discourse on these facts, otherwise we cannot solve the most pressing challenges for our species.

Lacee Steigerwald

It's a simple pledge, to help correct a serious problem. I'm happy to refer to this pledge in all my public discourse and what I claim to be is my understanding of the truth.

Ted Apelt

I am an organizer of Pasco Activist (a support group for progressive organizations in Pasco County, FL), and the founder of RepresentPasco, which is in the process of becoming a chapter of - see I am very disturbed by the way few people seem to care whether or not something is actually true, as long as it aligns with what they want to be true. For example, see

Will Jennings

Joseph E. Donlan, PhD

I, Joseph E. Donlan, PhD took the Pro Truth Pledge because I have witnessed the exponential growth of fake news and the debilitating effects that this pollution of lies has had on the landscape of politics and the pejorative affects it has had on the citizens of the US. I am delighted to report that I have had the founder of this movement, Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on my radio show, Ordain Your Reality, on Gemjin Radio, and I want to do what we can to spread the news of truth and curb the growth of this growing blight on the body of the media.

Robert Butler

This is signed on behalf of the entire body of volunteers and administrators of the Basement Dragon. We are committed to the truth, the facts, and the evidence, no matter what any of them are or where they may lead. The world we live in is best navigated by knowing and abiding by what is evidently true, and not by that which is either not evidently true, or by what is evidently false. We will not forget, nor allow others to forget, that the truth is always there to be found, no matter what people believe, nor will we shirk our duty to inform people of the facts, however unpleasant they may be. Better the hard truth than comforting lie.

Cory Johnston


Thomas Sheedy

Conor Robinson

Secondary Email: [email protected]

Harry Shaughnessy

Mandisa Thomas

Susan Chapelle

As a researcher, pro-truth has been not just important to me in politics, but an essential and critical way to engage with the world. Policy should be evidence informed, and not based on hyperbole or belief systems.

Frazer Kirkman

Matthew DeMello

Joe Elder

I took this pledge to acknowledge my responsibility as a public figure to the truth. I believe proper discourse and dialogue are the means to improving our collective intelligence, and I support all endevaors to hold people accountable for making false claims, including myself.

joe phelps

Our mission at the Getting Better Foundation is to promote trust through education about positive trends in human behavior. Truth is our highest value. The power of our message is propelled by the integrity of our organization. Honesty and attention to detail are the foundations for building our credibility. At Phelps, a marketing communications company, Truth is our highest value. We work only for companies whose products and services make the world a better place. That will happen only if Truth is an important part of their mission. Joe Phelps, Founder of Phelps and the Getting Better Foundation

Clark Donley

As a journalist for over 30 years, I have striven daily to fact-check, provide balance in my reporting and, most important, be as truthful as possible in my reporting.

Barış Bayram

Ken Nwadike

I took the pledge to help promote civility during such a tense period in this country. Violence and hate groups are growing at a rapid rate, so it's important that we counter attacks with a message of civility and acceptance. I will be coordinating the March for Civility in Washington D.C. on September 23, 2017 to continue promoting peace and civil discourse.

Gerardo Rivera

Matt Thornton

Never barter hope for truth.

Steven Pinker

I have a book coming out in February which will make the case for truth and reason – it’s called Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

Rev. Bill Weir

As a candidate for election to serve as a Commissioner, I pledged to tell the truth. In the LWV Candidates Forum I used a map and photos to inform the voters about a dam that was leaking and threatening to flood many private and public resources downstream and leave boats and docks high and dry upstream. This truth telling helped me defeat the incumbent and among other accomplishments, initiate action to refurbish the dam. Even though this was a non-partisan election a major party endorsed me so that their lit drop would include a letter from a respected legislator endorsing me. Since completing my elected public service, I have helped many other excellent candidates by producing a Community TV program and hosting this half-hour video interview that reached many voters who helped elect or re-elect them. Let's do more to support the truth-tellers using Community TV, and hot-buttons on many websites to link voters to excellent candidates' truth-telling videos


I am taking this pledge as a step towards being accountable to those that elected me in a top humanists organization as a board member of IHEU and as a legal director of HALEA. I do hope that by taking this pledge i will endeavor to meet the expectations of those who elected me and serve diligently and encourage all other leaders to be more concerned with meeting the expectations for being office bearers. My links are:

National Compass

National Compass, an online news magazine, shares with Intentional Insights, the values of promoting facts above ideology when covering stories involving elected officials, government agencies and private individuals. A core of our mission is providing readers accurate information vetted by consulting responsible reporters and journalists in the field and fact checking the information and data from multiple credible sources. We were disturbed by the proliferation of clickbait, rumors and hoaxes perpetrated during the national elections and committed to be part of the solution and not a facet of the ongoing problem. We wholeheartedly embrace and endorse the mission of the Pro-Truth Pledge and are honored to be part of the revolution both individually and corporately.

Ute Haker

Ralph Wilkins

Awesome Astronomy took the pledge as soon as we heard about it. In doing so we have the opportunity to stand up for truth at such a critical time when the creation and dissemination of falsehoods is so prevalent. By taking the pledge, and abiding by its principals we can not only help combat falsehoods and inaccuracies in print and online, but also encourage our fans to commit to the core principals of sharing, honouring and encouraging truth too.

April Kemp

There is a lack of ethics, morals, and values in our culture. My bachelor's degree is in science. I do not tolerate the depreciation of facts. The people who lie need to be held accountable. I work in a public school system teaching impressionable young children it is unacceptable to lie, yet people in power dismiss my words and undermine me daily. How do I explain what's going on in our federal government to my students? The corruption is out of control.The Constitution was written to give the citizens of this country authority. Elected officials should be servants of citizens representing their best interests, not the best interests of corporations or the government officials themselves. Now is our time for the grassroots movement to choose our people and our planet with respect, dignity, and TRUTH.

Deborah McTaggart

Betty Field

As a Congressional candidate taking this pledge puts, in writing, my commitment to running an honest, clean campaign.

Douglas Coleman

After having Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on the show, I wanted to take the Pro-Truth Pledge. Our show deals with people from all aspects of life and most of what we provide is subjective, however it's always good to have ones facts in order before speaking them, particularly in a public forum like a radio show. By taking the pledge, I hope to encourage other radio show hosts and podcasters who do report on news items and current events to be more truthful in their reporting.

Michael Garber


Bob Solomon

As a physician with a long-time, deeply serious, professional interest in biomedical and professional ethics, and more broadly in ethical conduct in all aspects of life, I applaud this effort as a citizen and as a candidate for public office.

Ed Brayton

If we want to live in a society that values truth and accuracy, we must make the effort to overcome our cognitive biases and view and present evidence in an honest, non-partisan and objective manner. During these times of rampant fake news and distorted perspectives, brought on by political and religious tribalism, demanding the truth has become a virtually revolutionary act. And if we are going to demand it of others, we must start with ourselves.

Twyla Gill

Randy Tyson

Michael Callaway

I have been a long time Republican until Donald Trump made that impossible. I changed from being a Moderate Republican to being a Conservative Democrat. District 26 here in Texas has been dominated by Republicans for more than 30 years. As a Conservative Democratic canidate I believe I give us the best chance to win. However, I need Progressives to join me even if we do not always agree on the solution. The only way I know how to do that is to be as straight forward as I can. I can not promise that we will always agree, I can promise to work to build understanding and mutual respect. My Facebook page can be found by typing in Callaway4TXD26. I have answered more than 70 issues questions and have detailed essays about what I believe and why.

Randy Grein

This is nothing new for me; I have always tried to be open about information and stick to verifiable sources, it leads to fewer retractions. If elected I hope it can be used to reduce the amount of conspiracy theory accusations surrounding government officials as well as lead to more productive discussions on issues. Still working on an online campaign presence, in the meantime this is my direct facebook page:

Richard Sagall

Jon Carpenter

Hashtag Truth Is Good!

John Loftus

To send a message.

Sarah Austin

I am a transgender woman in Central Florida, and as a podcaster, our show is geared toward critical thinking and skepticism along with LGBT stories and news. We cover politics from a free-thinking, atheist, pro-LGBT stance. I'm hoping to help reverse the course America seems to be on (where truth doesn't matter). SarahTalk is on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

CW Brown

I took the pledge because truth is what I strive for every day. It is very important that we all question before we believe and repeat this always and often. and soon to come...

Philosophical Atheism

Atheist Alliance of America

Kenneth Crouch

James Woods

I am joining this effort to encourage others to speak with integrity and be accountable for things said and done by our public officials. As well as bring a sense of politeness and common ground to public discourse. Too often, we assume others to be dealing in bad faith. I will take other signatories of this pledge at their word that they are earnest in their positions. We may disagree; but we can trust that we are committed to working to find common ground and negotiating with honesty and integrity.

John Jackson

I was a Petroleum Engineer in the Marine Corps for four and a half years and got out as a Sergeant. Ever since I started to learn about Philosophy, I've done my best to exercise skepticism to differentiate between fake and real news. During my time in Okinawa, Japan, I discovered Philosophical Atheism and did on and off work for them as an editor and eventually fell into the position of Head Moderator. CW Brown (The owner of PA) is always a pleasure to work with, and through his knowledge and expertise, I followed him over to Atheist Alliance of America where I was ultimately appointed Assistant Executive Director. Just remember, anyone can fall subject to fake news, and it's important to do your best to lead your fans in the right direction.

Wayne Pearson

Pierre-Arnaud Perrouty

Morgan Stringer

I am taking the Pro-Truth Pledge because I am tired of lies prevailing in modern discourse, especially in politics. When everyone tells the truth, then we can all have more productive conversations. Those who lie are distracting people from these conversations about how to best tackle problems. I want to hold those who are on the other side of issues accountable, but I want to hold my own side accountable as well. When we use the truth, then we can only make our position stronger. Additionally, the truth allows us to update or even change our own positions. Truthful discourse is the first step to addressing the issues that our modern society faces today, without it we are stuck.

United Coalition of Reason

Bart Campolo

As one who spent more than 30 years serving as a Christian minister before becoming a openly secular humanist, I know better than most how much goodness - and often how much bona fide truth as well - lies on the other side of virtually every contentious issue. Now more than ever, I want to promote public conversations that reflect the great truth of Jonathan Haidt's modern classic, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. We all need to fight the tendency to bend the facts around gut instincts formed over tens of thousands of years, which often have nothing to do with what's best for us now.

Marissa Alexa McCool

I took the Pro-Truth Pledge as a podcaster, public speaker, author, and overall public figure to make sure my listeners and contemporaries feel like they can trust my perspective. I believe in rationality as well as finding the truth through the waves of misinformation and willful disregarding of information, and anything that can help us find a better way to do so deserves to be elevated.

matthew anderson

Jonathan Pearce

I am a philosopher, author and blogger who has an interest in truth. In fact, my life's ambition is to move inexorably closer to something like an objective truth (if one exists). It is also in my best interests, as one advocating for rational, empiriclly-based opinion-, argument- and policy-making. My blog, "A Tippling Philosopher" and all of my books and talks are, in some sense (I truly hope), manifestations of trying to achieve the goal of being as truthful and honest with not only everyone I am appealing to but, just as equally, to myself.

Mary Johnson

Few things are as important as speaking the truth. We can make progress as a society only to the extent that we can trust each other, and that we use checks and balances to keep us honest. I hope everyone will make truth a priority in their lives. (not .com, just .co)

Ed Buckner

As an author ("In Freedom We Trust"; Prometheus Books) and former leader of two different national groups (Council for Secular Humanism and American Atheists), frequent speaker, writer of essays and letters, and debater, I have grappled often with the problems addressed by the Pro-Truth Pledge. Everyone, regardless of stances on religion, politics, social values, science, and the environment, can be effective only if care is taken about sources, being critical of claims even when those claims support one's preferences, and tentative about his own claims. Peer review, in science and academe, is not just a traditional good habit--it is crucial to the integrity of the institutions and reputations of the people involved, and necessary for progress toward better understanding. See, for more about me (these are merely examples from many online sources):

Phil Zuckerman

John Perkins

The truth matters. We can't always be sure of it, but we need to be diligent in seeking it. Civilization depends on it. Truth criteria also should be applied with respect to religious beliefs. If aspects of them are known to be false, they should not be believed. The world would be a much better place if this was done.

Peter Singer

It is time to reject the myth that we live in a "post-truth" world. That's not the case. Truth is as important as ever, and we can distinguish truth from lies. (Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State; she was not running a child sex slave ring from a pizza parlor in Washington DC.) How can citizens make the right choice at elections if they are lied to, and don't know how to distinguish a lie from truth? Truth in the public arena is essential to a functioning democracy.

Benjamin Radford

As a science and media literacy educator, I am always looking for ways to improve critical thinking among the public and elected officials. There are no magic bullets but the Pro-Truth Pledge is a step in the right direction. Let's hope it catches on!

Dan Barker

Belief is not knowledge. Truth comes from observation, not by pronouncement.

Jeremy Kasey

As a host of Secular Nation Podcast, I feel it is of the utmost importance to report legitmate facts grounded in reality. Institutions and individuals can not improve if they are led by false information. This includes my podcast. Having a public and transparent process for my listeners to hold me to account insures I dont fall into a Post Truth bubble. This is why I am taking the pledge. You can keep me honest by contacting me through email at [email protected] or tweeting at me @secularjak.

Herb Silverman

As founder and president emeritus of the Secular Coalition for America, we promote rational thinking and evidence-based information.

Christine Shellska

A commitment to honesty should be the default, but like many, I've been guilty of posting false information. It's important that we fact-check, and if we post something false, to acknowledge or remove it immediately. It's also important to accept factual claims even (especially) if they run counter to our personal beliefs. I have committed to the Pro-Truth Pledge. Please do me the kindness of calling me out if I post false information, or if I fail to distinguish my personal and political biases from fact.

Douglas Berger

I took the pledge to acknowledge the steps all of us should take if we have a blog, write for the media, or share items with our friends. Facts, and truths coming from those facts, have no political bias. One way to address the deep political divisions in this country is to make sure we have the facts and that we share the truth in public. I write for a personal blog, a church and state blog, and I volunteer as co-chair for the Secular Coalition for Ohio. I personally make sure to fact check any information I put out in public and retract any information that turns out not be true.

Pamela Martin

Dale McGowan

Ethan Bearman

Facts matter and the truth matters. With the state of communications allowing any bit of information, true or not, to instantly propagate across the globe, getting to the truth is as hard as its been in my memory. There are people who prey on others with falsehoods for monetary gain, political influence, and even pure malice. It is up to us to make sure the truth shines through the clouds of falsehoods. Thank you! -Ethan Bearman

Dr. Marty Shoemaker

I am a Humanist Chaplain at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Western Canada, Vancouver area. I am a semi-retired psychologist and am now writing a book. I think we need to amass much support for truth and factual evidence to guide all of our big decisions and to have hope for our socially just democracies to remain dedicated to evidence. We all have confirmation bias but we need non-partisan resources to see both sides and make up our minds on who and what to support. That is why I signed the pledge. Dr. Marty Shoemaker Vancouver, BC, Canada I am on LinkedIn, Facebook and on the website for the Mulitfaith Center of Kwantlen University (KPU), Richmond Campus

Madilyn Love

As a podcaster and radio host for programs that support rational thought and humanism, I want to believe as many true things as possible, and as few false things as possible. The Pro-Truth pledge is my pledge to do just that in all my interactions.

Stephanie Savage

Skeptic Bret

As a host of a skeptical podcast, and leader of Pikes Peak Atheists, I am proud to add my name to the growing list of those who respect the truth over political affiliation, religious conviction, social position, or economic stature. My dedication to what is true, regardless of previously held beliefs, will hopefully be an inspiration to those mired in political double speak, religious motivation, and any other form of self-serving methodology. Let the record show that I am dedicated to what is true, no matter the consequences, because an educated society clears a path for the intellectually honest to lead us to ever greener pastures. -Skeptic Bret-

Kaveh Mousavi

I signed the Pro-Truth pledge because I want to encourage skeptical and critical thinking, especially when it comes to politics and political behavior. I understand why this issue is very important for Americans — Donald Trump basically memed his way into the White House by being the king of fake news. However, this issue has impacted Iranian politics a lot as well. We used to be a nation under foreign influence. We were never officially colonized, but there has been times that our regimes were the puppets of foreign countries, mostly the UK, and at times when our country was divided as a sphere of influence between the British and Russians. Because of this history conspiracy theories are very prevalent among Iranians: in 1979, the revolutionaries were convinced that they were toppling a regime that was the puppet of the USA, and the Shah was equally convinced that the USA was behind the revolutionaries. Whenever a public figure dies, people begin attributing their death to assassination. The regime likes to blame everything on foreign meddling — usually on the “Zionists”, while the opposition blame everything on a conspiracy of the regime. The latest example was the recent terror attacks in Tehran, when many people called them false flag attacks. There’s a strong link between a conspiratorial mind and a totalitarian mind. And critical thinking is the tool of a free person, transparency and seeking the truth is paramount for a democratic society: for the freedom of press, for the ideal of informed choice. To me, having a pro-truth attitude and promoting skepticism in the place of credulity is an integral part of my activism as a pro-democracy reformist.

Brian Mosley

I am a citizen of Sheffield, UK engaged in a campaign to bring an end to the destruction of healthy street trees for profit by Amey PLC, aided by Sheffield City Council despite the opposition of many thousands of informed residents.

Skip Kelly

Money, lies, manipulation, and corruption are the norm in our political system. I might not agree with everyone's opinion on the issues, but I'm always happy to have a debate based on FACTS. I'm tired of the disinformation. I'm tired of trying to discuss the direction of the country with people who have deeply held beliefs based on lies. It's time for voters to demand the truth. We need HONEST debate about the future of our nation.

Pierre Whalon

As the Episcopal Bishop in a highly-visible post in Europe, it is essential that people know and believe that I always seek the truth, the facts, and the context of the materials I post online or give in my sermons. Twitter: @bppwhalon Facebook: Pierre Whalon Website:

Jonathan Willis

The Wayward Willis Podcast strives to present information in an entertaining way, but promises to research, analyze, and relay the information truthfully and coherently. We will not spread stories known to be false or that originate from sources known to generate misinformation and/or confusion. We will, wherever necessary, offer corrections and/or clarification for our podcast episodes. We will not purposely misinform or incite our listeners, nor will we unduly malign or release the personal information of a person without their consent. The truth is the most important resource we have.

Thomas Smith

I interviewed Gleb on my podcast, Serious Inquiries Only, and when he described the pledge I absolutely loved the idea. The principles outlined are things I already seek to do in my personal and professional endeavors, and they are key to my podcast. I think the pledge is a great idea and I'm happy to be held to the high standards outlined!

Jennifer Todd

Michael Britt

Amy Ray

As a host on a podcast, I strive to bring the most honest content to our listeners and work to hold other public figures accountable for their words.

Robert Ray

As a podcaster, I feel it is my responsibility to provide the most accurate information to my listeners. That is why I use reliable sources and fact check the articles before posting them or using them in the show. Since our show has a slight political bent, we want to make sure public officials are being called out whenever they making incorrect or dishonest claims. That is why Secular Yakking supports and promotes the Pro-Truth Pledge.

Derek Colanduno

Since the beginning of our podcast/radio show, Skepticality. Our tagline was 'Truth in Podcasting'. To NOT take this pledge would make what I do less trustworthy!

Brian Sipsy

I am taking the pledge to show that I am serious about doing my best to provide honest and accurate information to all our friends, followers, and listeners.

Dr. Charles Parker

Nowhere is truth more challenging and essential than in the deeply personal, evolving field of mind science. In these contemporary days with remarkably fresh data that provides improved neuroscientific details to precisely measure brain function on a molecular, cellular neurophysiologic level, far too many human beings suffer from conjecture, outdated labels, and the limitations of only psychopharmacologic interventions. The truth is now available on many levels, but beliefs, as in Galileo's day [], still rule these ongoing Dark Ages of Mind Science. Please take this important conversation one step further down new roads of Reality by listening and forwarding our CoreBrain Journal guest insights to those suffering downstream from ineffective, outdated labels and beliefs. Our mission is your mission: to democratize neuroscience applications for the global evolution of mind care. Thank you, cp

Agnes Vishnevkin

Norman Schultz

I took the pledge because it simply makes sense and reflects the values I've already had for the past 20+ years. Words should mean something, and as Kant would point out, how you use them either contributes to or undermines the moral foundations of society.

Jordan Cooper

Jordan P. Cooper, Host of, has long valued public service. Jordan has been involved with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act across the public and private sectors in hospitals, health insurance organizations, advocacy groups, the state legislature, and physician groups. Jordan ran as a Democratic Candidate for Delegate in the 2014 election cycle and is running again in 2018: www. He served as the President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association (2013-2014) and as the Chair of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Customer Advisory Board. He currently serves on the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, and the Rockville Selective Service Board. He is an Area Coordinator in District 16 for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee and is a member of the District 16 Democratic Board. Jordan has degrees from JHSPH and Vassar College.

Lynda Paquette (Lamp)

I am an author and speaker; my pen name is Lynda Lamp. I'm writing a handbook for humanity for living consciously in the 21st Century, titled: Walking Through Your Walls, Loving Yourself and Everyone Else! In Volume I, currently available in hardback and ebook, I focus on how we find the truth. Taking the Pro-Truth Pledge seems like second nature to me. The protection of our freedom of speech in the Constitution was not put there to protect lies and misrepresentations. There is a difference between the form of freedom of speech that is protected, versus the people who want to use the protection to allow themselves to spread lies and misinformation. We must insist on truth, we must pursue truth, we must protect truth.

Val Rendel

I might be a candidate for IL State Rep in 2018.

Cliff Hansen

My name is Cliff Hansen and I am the host of the Just Us Podcast which is allied with Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. We are working to elect politicians who are accountable to the people instead of corporations by running primary candidates against every single corporate incumbent. While I feel we need to hold them financially accountable, I love the idea of the Pro-Truth Pledge because it holds them accountable to their words as well. In addition to politicians, I have had employers lie and order me to lie. Even job titles and resumes have lost any meaning as deceit is encouraged if not required. This trend toward Newspeak must end, and as with all things, that happens by individuals taking a step in the right direction. So I will take the pledge and encourage the politicians I endorse to be similarly accountable. I may also, someday, get the guts to request HR and my bosses to take the pledge as well, but don't count on it!

Don Rodgers

I am taking the Truth Pledge because I will tell the truth and I want the truth. I want to hear the concerns of residents in my town and take action to fix them. Thank you.

Howard Ross

I am an consultant and author who works on issues of diversity, inclusion and leadership with a specialty in addressing unconscious bias. I believe the truth is critical to our developing a greater sense of consciousness about our attitudes and behaviors. Keep up the good work!

August Brunsman IV

Executive Director Secular Student Alliance

Benjamin Watkins

I am the cohost of the Real Atheology Podcast. We take the pursuit of truth for its own sake as paramount. We wholly support the efforts of those involved with Pro-Truth Pledge, and are excited to help contribute. I have been using the facebook hashtag #MakeFactsMatterAgain to emphasis fact-based policy, and clear and impartial reasoning regarding those facts.

Chris Watson

tim clifford

I am a podcaster. My show is Atheism 101. We advocate truth and accuracy in all that we do. Join us

Matt Van Dyke

Andy Cowen

I am the creator of the Podcast, ORLYRADIO (Oh Really Radio). The show's tag line, "where we dismantle the current events for your edutainment through mostly rational conversations that make you go ‘Oh Really’!" is the best description of what I try to accomplish with my panelists. I recognize that we have biases and that humans are not the most rational beings. It takes effort to be accurate and we take the time to dig past the headlines and soundbites. It's not very glamorous, or even entertaining, but it's informative. Facts exist outside of our biases, and facts matter. The world we live in needs to be able to trust those in power to be rational actors deriving their decisions from facts not tweets. As a citizen of the United States, a father, and podcaster, I pledge to stand for truth (the fact based rational kind) in all that I do to set an example for those that I influence. If you would like to support my show, find us in your podcast app and at

Daniel Atherton

I am taking the pledge to affirm my stance that truth is the pillar of journalism, politics and society. I take the pledge to hold myself accountable and make the encouragement of truth a part of my daily life. I hope I can inspire others to do the same, I invite everyone to join our dialogue at and to make sure we stay on task.

David O'Connor

Hi! I'm one of the cohosts on a podcast where we dismantle current events for peoples edutainment. We are all proudly taking this pledge as it is our goal to provide the most honest and accurate information as possible. We will stand proudly with all those who promote the truth and hope to also be a beacon of honesty in our modern day sea of often inaccurate or misrepresented information. If you're interested in what we do, please check us out at the link below!

Richard Cameron

As Editor in Chief of National Compass, I signed the pledge for the reason that during last year's national elections and the campaign season that preceded it, America had become inundated with misinformation, outright fiction and unsubstantiated rumors designed to appeal to the confirmation biases and base instincts of a sizable segment of the voting population. Equally concerning was the reality that a considerable amount of this was being launched at the United States from outside of the country and at the direction of a foreign power. While disinformation can't be censored or outlawed, we can blunt its impact by providing alternatives and exposing the lies. Committing to truthfulness and fact checking is the first step in turning this problem around.

Mykael David Lazzeri

I aim to produce the Philosophers Stone so as to transmute the witness, in the alchemical tradition, into a new self from within. My works are sacred visionary artifacts for the inspiration of the future; it is the stone that stays to tell our story. My purpose is to shape stone into something inspiring, conscious, heart-opening, soul-moving, playful, beautiful, sensual, universally valuable, and truthful. I create multidimensional expressions of the collaboration between the human hand, mind, and the whispering consciousness manifest in the lines, the history, the geology, and the journey of the stone. My intention is that my work will impact many generations (and multiple witnesses) creating a sense of wonder & connection, positive self-transformation & hope, delight & inspiration; that the witness will be awakened to inspiration and serenity. May All Beings, in All Times, in All Places, in All Dimensions, have the choice of infinity and temporary.

Melissa Wilde

I believe that being willing to accept facts, even when they don't align with our values, is an important step to being able to work together to accomplish the greater good. As an elected official I have a responsibility to research and make informed decisions. I represent all of the people in my community and the ability to look at different points of views based on factual information is key to being able to represent well. #wecanhandlethetruth

Jay Baumeister

I feel it is time to bring the country back together and this can not be done the way congress is acting now in an us vs them mentality. Most congressmen have only one goal and that is to get reelected. Congressmen will say whatever they need to in order to accomplish that goal truth or not. I pledge to work toward the truth and to be willing to speak the truth even if it is not in my best interest politically. I am a Republican running for Congress in Ohio's District 12:

JD Collins

I am a nonprominent Podcast analyst of the Pseudoscientific Method. Our podcast is literally set to "check facts, and whoop a#$" and we stand by that through this pledge. If we are expecting others to be factually correct we should have the same expected for us. So...

Doug Wilson

In these times when even those in high elected offices use distortion, diversion and other tactics to present what they and their spokespeople have labelled 'alternative facts' the Pro-Truth Pledge is a bold movement to encourage open and honest communication. I believe that all who hold public office or seek public office have a responsibility to be honest in their comments and presentations. Rhetorical comments, hollow platitudes and empty promises are no way to seek or attempt to hold a public office which is a public trust. Those who resort to such tactics are not deserving of the offices they hold or seek. I wish your project continued and growing success that those who cast votes may do so knowing that the views for which they vote are sincere, honest and worthy of the trust reflected in those votes.

dennis whitcomb

I was brought up to respect the truth as a high ideal and I am concerned with the apparent willingness of the majority to put beliefs before truth. I see this project as a powerful tool to rally Americans back to the lofty values we profess.

Aron Ra

As a full-time political activist advocating science education against stiff and overwhelming opposition at every level of government, I have often demanded that we have some way to hold politicians accountable for the factless falsehoods and bigotry and lack of integrity, morality, or decency that some of them commonly espouse. Now that I'm running for political office as well, I insist that others be held to the same standards and code of honor that I adhere to myself.

Josiah Mergele

The ideas expressed in this pledge are ideas that I've held for a long while, but the Pro Truth Pledge is a physical outlet and personal decree that I can both hold myself accountable to, and use as a display of these core ideals.

Ed Albertson

I am an Eagle Scout. The first law of the Boy Scout Law is, "A Scout is Trustworthy." Being truthful builds trust between people and trust is the "glue" that binds us together as human beings.

Andy Cowen

I am a podcaster and activist. I share my political opinion and dissect the news every week, looking for rationality. It is hard to come by. I need the world to make sense for me and my family. I want reasonable behavior, so I took the pledge. You should too. And you can hear me talk about it and anything else that seems outrageous at every Friday.

Robert Ray

Cindi Lynch

I believe I already do all of the items listed in the Pro-Truth Pledge, with the exception of reaching out to those I know on social media who are sharing misleading information because it agrees with their confirmation bias; so I look forward to sharing the Pro-Truth Pledge with those people. (I was elected to the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council, one of 97 neighborhood councils for the City of Los Angeles. I am a very minor and unpaid elected official.)

Trav Mamone

I took the pledge because we need to fight against our post-truth society with facts, not narratives. Everyone on the political spectrum needs to examine their previously-held beliefs in order to think more critically. #MakeAmericaSkepticalAgain!

Noah Lugeons

I support the pro-truth pledge because, as a humanist, I firmly believe that human nature is fundamentally oriented towards reason and rationality; and that the primary thing that stands between the present political climate and productive discourse is a lack of accountability to the truth. A perverse evolution of political incentives has pushed our elected officials away from reliance on facts and science; and if we can counteract or reverse those incentives, our disagreements can once more become productive. Truth should supersede partisanship, ideology, and bias; and no politician unwilling to pledge allegiance to truth is unfit to serve in elected government.

Rick Heller

Tucker Drake

Andy Norman

Nathan Dickey

Matthew ONeil

Daniel Epstein

As a progressive who has always valued learning to make a our society better, as a Democrat who believes in ethics and transparency in government and politics, as a lifelong student and teacher who has always been devoted to the sciences, humanities, and all forms of study, I will tell the truth, promote the truth, and live the truth. I will stand against not only my opponents, but my own co-partisans if need be, to honor the truth in the face of falsehood. I am running for the US House of Representatives in the Texas 19th Congressional District in 2018.

Patricia Blochowiak

Doug Wilson

As a candidate I value your Truth initiative and wish more candidates would pledge to be forthright and honest in dealing with the electorate and that an initiative be undertaken to eliminate dishonest & inflammatory campaign advertising.

Richard Badalamente

I am a Precinct Committee Officer in Benton County, Washington.

LaKeisha Chestnut

As an undeclared candidate for Congress, I wanted to show my solidarity with the truth because we are going to need the truth to hold people accountable for what they do in Washington, Our State Governments, and our local governments. It is time that we hold the very tenets of our society close to our hearts and began anew. That is why I signed the pledge.

Larry Carter Center

In all six campaigns for public office TELLING THE TRUTH is what set me apart from my dishonest opponents AND MY NEXT RACE SHALL FEATURE THIS PLEDGE process/website challenging BOTH OPPONENTS and dishonest alleged news reporters TO ACCEPT our challenge

Cass Midgley

I am the host of the Everyone's Agnostic podcast. We address the difficult process of leaving one's faith by interviewing people on that journey. It is an atheist podcast, but we talk to people along the full spectrum of belief and unbelief, super-naturalism and naturalism. Our website is Our podcast is available on most podcast platforms. Our Facebook site is You can write me personally at [email protected] I took the pledge after interviewing Greb Tsipurski on our podcast (Episode 152, May 27th, 2017). I want to be accountable to my beloved community to be a proponent of truth and and opponent of falsehoods. It's kind of a big deal. 🙂

Bob Pondillo

Telling the truth -- or as close to the truth as we can using the tools of science, reason, data, and facts -- is essential to our democracy. It's also essential if one strives to be an authentic human being. As a former University Professor, now retired, and a current podcast co-host (with Cass Midgley on EVERYONE'S AGNOSTIC, see: ), and a general "seeker of truth" I've always appreciated the importance of knowing exactly what "is," or as close to it as the tested tools of reason can nudge us. Without "truth" as way of thinking, we swim in a sea of subjectivity, opinion, and superstition. So, I take this pledge for my country, for my students past and present, for my marriage, and to lay the foundation of truth telling for future generations. Yes, it's THAT important. It's simple, but not easy. When asked, "How does one become a person of good character," Socrates answered: "Practice." I invite you to join us in this practice.

John B. Wells

The lifeblood of my program to which my name is attached and therefore all who I call and who call me, friend, those who trust me to be honest with them, and most importantly in the Earthly realm, my family rely on truthfulness in what I do. And of supreme importance, God is watching. And listening.

Fanen Abagu

Tina Hamilton

Gleb Tsipursky

The tenets of the Pro-Truth Pledge align with what I see as crucial behaviors for public figures such as myself to follow in order to avoid undermining trust in our society. I believe that all public figures who are truth-oriented should take the pledge, which would help us all to distinguish between the ones who can be trusted, and the ones who are not. Thus, I am happy to take the pledge, and also donate my time and money to advance the pledge.