Public Figures and Organizations That Signed the Pledge

Here are the 74 organizations, 526 government officials, and 751 public figures that have signed the pledge.

Heather Kimball

FacebookLinkedInFor Hawaii State Senate District 4

I signed the the pledge because in this age of disinformation, it is critical that those of us seeking elected office stand up for truth, facts and logic.

Forrest Mayer

FacebookBallotpediaFor OK House of Representatives - District 76

Evidence and reason is more important than emotion, tradition, or political parties.

Gbenga Ajiboye

FacebookTwitterColorado State Representative for District 48 United States

I want to say the truth to the best of my knowledge and support bills that are truth and evidenced based.

Jackie Phillips

For Oklahoma State House District 81

Because I believe truth in our government, and in journalism still matters.

Zachary Pearson

For Oklahoma House District 100

As a voter myself I am tired of the lies and misinformation that is spread everyday. As a candidate for office I want to show people the truth how and why things are the way they are. It’s time the people stand up for truth and take our government back.



The digital magazine Leapsmag is committed to transparency, accuracy, and objectivity in its journalism.

Kira Peikoff

FacebookLinkedInMy Books on Amazon

I believe that the pursuit of truth in the face of bias and misinformation is crucial to a free society.

Tanya Vyhovsky

FacebookFor Vermont House

I signed because I think it is important to fight the wave of disinformation and self-serving lies being given to the people of this nation. I have a strong belief in transparency and openness that I stand behind.

Dana Maxfield

FacebookFor Vermont State Senate

I signed the pledge because I firmly believe that we, as citizens, deserve the whole truth without bias.

Progressive Army

Facebook | Progressive ArmyTwitter | Progressive ArmyProgressive Army

At Progressive Army, we strive to only publish truthful stories that can be backed up with evidence and facts. We check all submitted work to make sure that sources are provided where needed and the truth is published. In light of this, we believe that the Pro-Truth Pledge aligns with our current standards. In taking the pledge we are confirming our commitment to providing a platform for people to speak truth to power. We hope by signing, we may encourage others to also pursue the truth.

Dennis Fritz

For US House of Representatives - From MD District 5

I believe in transparency in our Government. Government officials should be held accountable to tell the truth to the public. We are a democracy for the people.

Robert Demic

Our Campaigns - For VT State House - Addison 4 My websiteFacebook

I signed this pledge because it is already a part of my campaign promises. It is obvious that outright lies with little consequence is destroying our democracy and our political system.

Tim Guiles

FacebookTim Guiles for VT House

I am a truth seeker - - - and today, more than ever, we need to foster an atmosphere of truthfulness in public discourse.

Jackie Grimes

FacebookFor WY House District 46

It is important to make sure the people have reliable information to form their own conclusions regarding issues that impact them. You can only become informed if you can trust your sources. I took this pledge because it is my belief that people make the right choices when provided factual information removed from sensationalized and emotionally driven opinions. I trust the people to make the right choice with the right info and I pledge to campaign with factually supported information and to use facts and reliable sources when formulating opinions and generating legislation that impacts everyone.

Ron Horton

FacebookFor VT State Senator

Many in our government have swayed so far from the truth that it is tearing apart friendships and families with their misinformation and lies. This has to stop! And the only way I see it coming to an end is through bringing awareness of the problem to the forefront and encouraging accountability.

Jasdeep Pannu

For US Senate from VT

Wayne Estey

Facebook - For Windham County, Vermont SenateLinkedinZoning Administrator - Dover, VT

Frightened at first because pledges mean something to me. After I read it, there was nothing!!!! there that was not already part of my everyday behavior. I know not everyone lives by this ideal, especially today, and the sad necessity of creating and furthering this effort.

Sabra Kurth

FacebookFacebook - Going the Extra Mile for Hartford County, MD

I signed this pledge because, sadly, honesty, in public life and elsewhere, can be hard to find.

Dana Stein


Joseph Monbeck

Facebook - For Ohio State Representative for District 84

Being honest with the voters in my district is vital. The public does not trust politicians for a reason, and I want to do my part to change that.

Roger Frantz

San Diego State Univ. Faculty Profile

It is too easy to lie with social media when everyone has a microphone and when many of us now hate what we hate more than we like what we like. Cass Sunstein calls it the Manichaen sensibility. It can destroy our democracy.

Darrin Smith

FacebookFor Maryland State Delegate for District 4

Because I strongly believe that the public should be informed of the truth from the facts.

Allison Galbraith

FacebookTwitter For US Representative for Maryland District 1

Little by little, by holding ourselves and those around us accountable, I hope we can return to an era where we have reason to trust those around us - and especially those asking to represent us in government.

Rikki Vaughn

FacebookTwitterFor US Senate from Maryland

it is time for elected officials to put people before Party! Many do not tell the truth or bend the truth worried about what others would say, instead of just being honest and address the real issues...

Mark Weaver

FacebookFor MD District 12 Delegate

I signed the pledge because the truth matters. When someone is elected by dishonest means, it fosters distrust and cynicism that erodes democracy.

David Bishop

FacebookTwitterFor US House from MD 4th Congressional District

I believe factual information should be readily available to the public through as many sources as possible.

Brendon Kaleiaina Lee

FacebookFriends of Kalei’āina

The truth is important. Too often there are those that use half truths and misleading statements to influence an election.

Eddie Pirkoiwski

Committee to Elect Eddie US Senator Hawaii Campaign 2018Ballotpedia Profile Eddie Pirkowski US Senate Hawaii Race Candidate 2006-2018Vote Eddie for US Senator Hawaii 2018

All we really have is our word in this world, and we must all trust and honor our words and our families, to be a real leader in Hawaii and the Nation. Eddie US Senate Hawaii 2018 Candidate

Thomas Brewer

FacebookFor Maryland State Senator for District 29

I signed because truth and transparency are critical to a properly functioning democratic republic.

Karlene Lukovitz

LinkedinMedia Post

Robb Zurek


Ogden Driskill

Wyoming Senate Member BioVote Smart Bio

It makes sense.

Martin Mycielski


We need it now more than ever.

Michael A. Hepburn

FacebookFor US Representative for Florida District 27

We need authentic, working-class and middle-class people to run for and win seats all across the nation to shape the public policy that affects us all… Our vast perspectives are important and need to be heard.

John Morrey

Faculty Website

Debbie Bovee

Reelection of Representative Debbie Bovee WY HD-36Wyoming Legislator - Member Profile

Honesty is important in all kinds of dealings. As someone running for public office, I want people to know that I have integrity and can trust me.

Christopher Luhn

Christopher N. Luhn, P.C.

Claire Celsi

FacebookTwitterFor Iowa Senate District 21

I signed the pledge because facts matter.

Pam Leitterman


Julie Palakovich Carr

For Maryland State Delegate for District 17TwitterFacebook

As a scientist, I am well versed in the importance of evaluating a source of information and the need to cite your sources. These best practices do not just belong in academia--we all need to be practicing them in our professions and daily lives.

Gregory C Duerden

FacebookLinkedInFor Utah Congress - 3rd District

As a newspaperman for over 40 years, I strove to find the truth in every story and every issue. As a candidate I am still very pro-truth, as I hope all elected officials will be.

Edward Zlotkowski


Brian Marcos


I am a man of integrity, Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. As an elected official we are working to make our communities safer and better in all aspects. Without our people there is no us, we must serve & honor our roles as leaders and stand for what is right.

Angela McFadden


Jill Sudak-Allison


Bjorn Jones

FacebookInstagramFor Utah House District 32

I signed the pledge because human lives are not improved by truth, not lies.

Anjali Reed Phukan

FacebookFor Maryland Comptroller

Honesty should be praised and cherished.

Nora Rozengurt

Faculty Profile

Esam Al-Shareffi

FacebookFacebook personal pageDoctor for Delegate - MD District 17

As a scientist, I believe the truth matters. While solutions may differ, we have to start with the same understanding of the facts in order to tackle any problem successfully. Recent attacks on the truth itself undermine public confidence and make it harder to deliver on strong commitments to education, the environment, healthcare, and all the other issues I and many others hold so dear. I hope all of those running for office can take this pledge so we can finally start working on solutions to our pressing problems.

Jeff Griffith

FacebookLinkedIn For CA State Senate

Part of civic duty is always communicating the truth to the public.

Craig Wolf

FacebookFor MD Attorney General

Integrity and honesty are not negotiable in those who seek and hold public office.

David Jeang

FacebookLinkedInFor MD District 19

Integrity is what is lacking in leadership in our country nowadays, even in mainstream media and journalism. I am tired of false narratives and propaganda being crowed and taken as true by public figures and their blind followers while denouncing the real truth tellers at the same time.

John Moser

FacebookTwitterFor MD District 7

This is pretty much how I operate anyway. I shift positions when available facts change. I dispute experts when the specific facts available to me suggest they are wrong—although a great many influential and highly-recognized economists have no real credentials so I get a pass in that field anyway.

Abrian Velarde

FacebookFor Utah Senate District 12

I signed because we need to combat against the passing of false information as fact.

Oliver Washington Jr


Tyler Allred

Facebook - For Utah State Representative

I signed this pledge because I believe truth is the great mediator. In times of great divide only the truth can bring people together.

Connie Christopher


Lee Anne Walker

Facebook - For House District 46 Utah

We need to commit to truth, to fairness, and equal rights under the law.

Shanell Day


Alex Carter


Will Freeman

Will Freeman for SC House 110LinkedInWill Freeman for SC House 110

As someone who studied political science in undergrad and who is currently working on their masters I know it is important to cite your information. This is especially true when you are trying to change or create public policy. Lies are never a good foundation for elected officials to push changes in the law nor do they help the people that elected them. That\\\'s why I signed the pledge.

Aaron Matteson


It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s well past time that we all heeded it.

Brian Leckrone


Michael Hardy

Michael Ryan Hardy

Rachel Thomason

FacebookFor ND House - District 35

I want my constituents to be confident that they can have faith in their representatives and the legislative process, and that I have their interests in mind.

Luke Evslin

FacebookFor Kaua 'i County CouncilHawaii News Article

A commitment to a set of shared truths is integral for democracy to function. It is not enough to point fingers at others who are being untruthful, it is important that we all commit ourselves to upholding the truth. While this will not fix all of the problems that we are seeing, at least it will give us a sturdy foundation to begin the hard work of repairing our political institutions.

Lynn Zaritsky

We need to repair the discourse in our nation if ever we are to come together to solve the problems we face. It\\\'s past time that truth, decency, and civility return as the norm.

Leann Lamb-Vines


Erin Hennessey

OSU Faculty Directory

Joseph Nesdahl

Facebook - For North Dakota State Senator for District 3

I signed the pledge because it is important for everyone to maintain honesty in their lives, particularly in the public eye. It is vital that we share information that is credible and truthful. I pledge to run an honest campaign and make sure everything that is shared by me is verifiable.

Linda Oosterman

Thurston County, WA, Public Utility District Commissioner Profile

Nothing matters except the TRUTH.

Sharon Farmer

Sharon Farmer Website

Paula Povilaitis

Paula for NV State Assembly 32

Political candidates need to be truthful and positive when running for office. The public needs to believe in their leaders.

Stephen Ball

For Maine State Representative for District 80LinkedIn

Because I believe deeply in honesty, transparency and integrity in all public and private interactions. It is especially important for public officials and people elected office to hold themselves to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all aspects of their life.

Tim Peterson


Neelam Soundarajan

OSU Faculty Profile

Timothy Sizemore

FacebookFor District 27 House - ND

I believe that governing by truth and principle are essential not just in politics, but in every day life.

Nickolas Wildstar

FacebookInstagramFor CA Governor

I have taken this pledge because just like my constitutional oath, I plan to restore integrity and trustworthiness back to the role of politician by being an honest individual first. This is what the people of California will expect of me first and foremost and they deserve to have their public servants committed to them and not express any disloyalty.

Joshua Boschee

FacebookTwitterFor ND Secretary of State

I signed the pledge because we need more honesty and civility in campaigns, policy making and governing.

Jason Nickisch

Facebook - For Montana House District 86

We need more reasonable discourse in our political campaigns across the country.

Bernie Sanders Progressives

FacebookLinkedinFacebook - Don Mersel

The truth is necessary for democracy to exist.

Annette Wylie


Our Revolution - Central Jersey


I support Bernie Sanders as the first authentic politician since JFK, RFK, and MLK were assassinated. Seems telling the truth is dangerous but I am doing this to make a better world for my millennial children and young grandchildren.

Seth Berry

FacebookTwitterFor Maine House Representative - District #55

Truth matters. Voters deserve actual facts -- not attacks, allegations and innuendo. I challenge all who are running for office to join me and to sign this pledge also. We are running to make the world a better place for our kids, and it starts here with us.

Edward Dundas

Nevada Public Radio - The Race for GovernorVote Smart Bio

My campaign is about getting mental health care and nutrition to retired vets and making Nevada a model for getting these people to contribute to society by growing their own food in nurseries, work with bee keepers and utilizing Nevada mines for their precious resources

Michael Dwyer

Clearwater Communications

If I am elected I will seek to represent my District with utmost honesty and integrity.

Brandon Medenwald

FacebookTwitterFor ND House

I signed the pledge because truth and facts must be front and center for civil debate in any functioning democracy.

Dimitri Cherny

FacebookInstagramFor Congress from SC

Too many of our candidates AND elected representatives continue to tell citizens both what we want to hear, and the myths we have all grown up with, but are eroding civilization. It is time for ALL of running for office and in office to come clean and tell the facts and nothing but the facts and let the myths die so the next generations can finally live in the America we have always known it could be.

Tim Hoye

For ND House 45

As a candidate I have pledged to myself that I will never lie to my voters before or after elected. This will give me checks and balances when needed.

Jim Handy

FacebookMaine Legislature Member Profile

Honesty and integrity are essential to good government.

David Rigney

OSU Faculty Profile

The stability of any society depends on on-going education and the ability to distinguish what is true from unsupported claims that are not true. History has shown that the big lie is used over and over by selfish individuals and groups, leading to horrible damage. The scientific community and a free press are two communities that are vital for protecting us all from such damage.

John Diamond

Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina Univ. Faculty Profile

I signed the pledge because of the importance of truth, in public discourse and in science.

Vangie Williams

Vangie Williams for CongressTwitterVangie Williams for Congress Campaign Site

So many of our elected officials bend the truth or offer alternative facts to support their position. Instead, leaders of integrity allow the truth and the facts that support the truth guide them to the best possible solutions for those they represent. I will do my best to serve the 1st District of Virginia in Congress with integrity, guided by truth.

Rick Shepherd

For Congress from NV

Janice Cooper

Maine Legislature Member Profile

I always am truthful and this provides a public declaration of my belief in the value of honesty.

Thom Harnett

FacebookLinkedinMayor - Gardiner, ME

I have always tried to be truthful and respect those who share that belief. I am disheartened by those using and spreading information that is not true to advance their personal agendas. We can disagree on policy but not on what is true.

Zachary Pendroy

For Iowa State Representative District 28

I signed the pledge to ensure that the truth is shared openly and freely to inform and educate all citizens.

Tab Uno

For Utah House #13

John Stuart Mills, a famous British philosophy and political scientist of the 18th century believed that truth required a free flow of expression that could be debated in order to arrive at the truth. As a candidate for Utah House District #13, an informed public is the only sure way to maintain the integrity our representative democracy and it begins with political candidates providing voters with good information so they can make the best decisions possible.

Daniel Friend

FacebookFor Utah Legislature

I signed the pledge because I support the truth.

Ajit Chaudhari

TwitterFaculty Website

Marilyn Mecham

For Utah House District 3

I am sick of politicians presenting their own version of the truth and pledge to sopport truth in government

Lisa Jordan

Faculty Website

Joseph Ottobre

OSU Faculty Directory

Rob Sand

FacebookTwitterFor State Auditor of Iowa

Like any case I pursued as a prosecutor, I base my actions as a candidate upon what the facts and evidence show. While we can have disagreements about what policies may be best, we must all first base our opinions upon the same facts.

Diane McClure


Nancy Wardwell


Selin Malkoc

OSU faculty page

Half truth is often a great lie (Benjamin Franklin)

Iva Jestratijevic


Distrust is a huge issue in my industry as at this point of the time, consumers and public (apart from the brand) do not know much about clothes they buy. Basically there is lack of information where the goods are produced, by whom and under which conditions. I think that research in that specific area is critical for further improvement. I am very interested to join your initiative, support you and learn how I can implement the similar activity within my field.

Roger Page

Faculty Website

J.D. Scholten

FacebookFor Iowa 4th Congressional District

I signed this pledge because we have the responsibility to use truth and facts in to enhance the common good.

Josh Streeter

Department of Theatre - OSU

I am concerned about the apparent decay of both the interest in and the pursuit of the truth. Too often, and for whatever number of factors, information is uncritically engaged, examined, interpreted, and rebroadcast to the detriment of individuals and society. If we should demand more honesty, transparency, and accountability from our governments, media, businesses, academies, and ourselves, we could reverse this trend and more easily better the lives of all.

Stuart Raby

Faculty Website

Daniel McDonald

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Tracy Tylka

OSU Faculty Profile

Vijay Vardhan Kudari

LinkedinFacebookProfessional Vita

Bill Townsend

Official WebsiteTwitterFacebook

I signed this pledge because one of the best ways to clean up Congress is to tell the truth. The American people deserve information that is supported by facts and data, a core tenant of my campaign for U.S. House of Representatives in Nevada CD4.

Zach Wahls

FacebookTwitterFor Iowa Senate

I take evidence-based policy seriously — and the same goes for my politics!

John Rush

FacebookLinkedInCitizens for Rush

I signed the pledge because I believe it is absolutely essential to speak the truth and act with integrity in ever area of life.

Michael Briguglio

FacebookMy website

I am active in politics, civil society and academia.

Letitia Naigles

Faculty Website

Julia Wilson


Neil Hesketh


Jaffer Abbas Mirza


Ruth Yeatman


John R Reeher


Joshua Bradshaw

For Montana State Representative for District 50LinkedinBillings Gazette article

I take your pledge, because I believe that we can only tackle the problems we must of we first agree to stick to the truth.

Carl Cowen

IUPUI Faculty Profile

I support truth and I hope academic, political, and corporate leaders do also.

Pravin Trivedi

IU Faculty Profile

John Paschen

FacebookFor US Representative for Iowa District 4

I reviewed the pledge and I am already trying to do all in it. It will help me focus.

Jared Lord

FacebookTwitterFor Governor of Nevada

One of the main reasons I decided to run for office is being fed up with the blind partisanship, and the way it is fueled by misinformation. I am watching otherwise good people, inspired by bad information, resort to hatred and dehumanization. Our society will crumble if we do not do our part to respect the truth.

Sohini Bagchi

LinkedInMy website

It is important to let people know that truth matters to us, in the digital information age, and I not only abide by that but ensure we should all be accountable for promoting it.

Edgardo Hernandez

FacebookFor FL State Representative District 87

I believe in order to have the best society possible we need to built on a foundation of the truth. It is a responsibility of elected officials that act on behalf of citizens to lead by example and set a standard of truth for society. We have had way too many occurrences of our elected officials comfortably lying to their constituents on a regular basis and I hope to a be a part of changing that culture.

Daniel Jednorozec

LinkedinTwitterGoogle Plus

Angela Johnson


Cynthia Hills


John Heenan

FacebookTwitterFor US Congress from MT

Regardless of political ideology, we should all demand that our representatives be forthcoming and truthful with us- their constituents- always.

Bonnie Hickman

Facebook - For Arizona State Representative for District 16

I want to be known as a reliable and truthful legislator in AZ House of Representatives.

Richard Brazelton

Facebook - For for North Dakota State Senate 37LinkedInTwitter

Truth, Keeping Promises, and Not Overriding the Voters is all I want out of local politics.

Rob Cook

Facebook - Rob Cook for Public Service Commission in MT

I have been a leading figure in the fight against dark money in both local and statewide elections in Montana. Sanitizing sunlight slays the weeds of anarchy before they can take root!

Tom Burns

Faculty Website

Simon Rodan


George Backus

Scripps Institute of Oceanography Faculty Profile

Science is being undermined by alternate truth.

Robert Welzel

FacebookLinkedInFor Montana House District 7

Fidelity to truth is a cornerstone for our republic. Far too many are relying upon propaganda to steer us far from our founding principles.

Sofia Collin

Facebookfor CA.37th District Assembly MemberInstagram

I am sincerely committed to upholding the honor and standards of the office I wish to attain with fearless devotion to truth, justice, and honesty in all endeavors, and to wholeheartedly encourage everyone to pursue this integrity for themselves.

Kathryn G.H. Nicholes

My website

I am the Libertarian candidate for Montana state legislature house district 30 in Nov2018. I prefer to rely on history and science-based projections of our future, and evidence-based methods for organizing our economy and justice systems. I appreciate thoughtful debate and discussion with others of any identity, and hope to engage others with courtesy and respect for the good of all. The spirit of the Pro-Truth Pledge is an excellent background for public collaboration.

Rev. Jim Burklo

FacebookUSC Staff ProfileMindful Christianity by Jim Burklo

The foundations of democracy are being seriously undermined by cynical political forces that use lies and distortions to weaken trust in the press, in the judiciary, and in science. I want to be part of a movement to lift up the critical importance of understanding what it means to be committed to the truth. In particular I am committed to this effort in the context of American Christianity, which unfortunately has become identified with the mendacity of the Trump administration. I am leading this effort for personal honesty from the pulpits of America: .

Elinor Swanson

Libertarian Elinor Swanson for U.S. RepresentativeFacebook

I signed the Pledge because I always try to be completely truthful, and I have no problem publicly pledging to remain that way.

Douglas Campbell


I signed the pledge because partial, biased, and sensationalized news is negatively impacting our ability to hold functional public discourse, and weakening the strength of our country.

Julia Peacock

FacebookTwitterFor Congress from CA District 42

I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge because we must base our democratic decisions on evidence and not fear.

Craig Vogel

Univ. of Cincinnati Faculty Profile

Because I share the sentiment expressed the Pro Truth information, and after talking with Gleb, I want to support this idea.

April Freeman

Facebook TwitterFor Congress from the 17th District of FL.

Truth is imperative to the protection of our Democracy. I wholeheartedly believe in TRUTH and have always believed that.

Patrick Hurley

Faculty Website

Lindsay Brown

FacebookTwitterFor Congress NJ- 07

I signed the pledge because I am committed to honesty, truth, and integrity.

Rebekah Kodrin


Judge Maria Jackson

I took the pledge because I hold myself to speak the truth at all times. Elected officials should be held at the highest standard of honesty and integrity. As a Criminal Court Judge, I am entrusted to function within this highest standard and make decisions based on the truth.

Stacey Scott

My website

I am horrified about the dystopian democracy we now live in.

Peter Shelton


Daryl Kipnis

FacebookTwitterFor NJ 12th District Congress

I signed the pledge because people deserve the highest level of integrity from those they entrust to serve them.

Lisa Remmer

For US Congress - California 12th District

I read original sources and original research whenever possible. Politicians who are selling an idea distort or lie too frequently. I will not.

Carla Neal

FacebookCarla J Neal for CA Assembly 2018

I signed the Pro-truth Pledge because the facts point the way to truth and our understanding of each other and our world. The truth sets us free because we can see the reality and so begin to change with bigger dreams of a better way and pathway to change the things that need changing and make progress for our lives, our humanity, our environment and our economy.

Kevin Kensinger

FacebookLinkedinWe Have Things to do - For US Congress California 48

I signed the pledge because our campaign is all about taking power back to the people, and the truth is central to that. No longer will we allow big business politicians to mislead the masses. We will provide real solutions and fight to unrig the economy; armed with science, math, and facts.

Otilia Salmón

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Matt Anderson

OSU Faculty Profile

Kay Gray


I signed the pledge because I believe honesty and integrity must be a core value in public officials.

Jacob Mason

FacebookTwitterFor CA Senate District 6

Y’all emailed me and I already do what you talked about. I’m running for California Senate to represent District 6.

Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

TwitterFor CA Assembly 44



Unfakery joined signers of the pledge because we could debunk articles and images all day long, and build dozens of tools to teach better information habits; but unless our target audience values truth more highly than serving an agenda or winning political points, we won’t be able to make a real impact on the problem of fakery. Nor will we be able to affect the large number of people whose opinions and voting are shaped by it.

Jovanka Beckles

For CA Assembly District 15

Because the truth will set us free!

Sevi Miyar


I believe in openess and transparency

DeniAntionette Mazingo

For CA Assembly District 42

Erin Cruz

Facebook For US Senate from CA

I have signed this pledge because the truth is what will keep us a free people.

Nick Nicita

FacebookFor CA Assembly District 34

I think it is important that issues be debated with the truth, and not spun to fit a preset narrative.

Raymond Steeves


Megan Garbe


Jacob Hess

TwitterMy blog

Angela Walls-Windhauser


Although I have withdrawn my name from the U.S. Senate race for 2018, I like the pledge because it reminds everyone about the moral fabric of humanity. It is sad that we must remind public servants to tell the truth, but there is hope; someone thought of this humble pledge!

Thomas Wassmer

FacebookLinkedInMy Website

Because in the Trump era it became even more important to distinguish between fake and real information. The truth is not a matter of opinion but facts. As a scientist I know that there is no absolute certainty but there are facts that are well supported by data and others that are not. Another tool is the precautionary principle that can guide us to be cautious when we risk a precious good like Planet Earth, human and environmental health - and choose the least dangerous path...

John Tiefenbacher

Faculty WebsiteLinkedIn

Jeffrey Cullen

I signed the pledge because the basis of formulating effective public policy is agreeing on a verifiable set of facts, and then holding public officials/candidates accountable for what they say and do to address public policy issues/problems.

Laura Hazelton Jones


William Dadson

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

David Moshman

Star Trek on The Truth of the World

As the author of Epistemic Cognition: The Psychology of Justification and Truth, I recognize that truth is not always what it seems and is not easily achieved, but commitment to truth remains as important as ever.

Robert E. Lerner

Faculty WebsiteWikipedia

Daniel Spiegel

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

James Dolan

Faculty Website

Joel Tarr

Faculty Website

Peter Nyikos

My departmental home page at the Univ. of South Carolina

I have long stood for the things the pledge is based on. In particular, I have publicly supported those who behave in the manner supported by the pledge, and corrected many who have published or posted inaccurate, misleading, or false statements. Two examples: (1) I sent corrections to the original English translator the great pro-truth work, The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhenitsyn, of two footnotes in which he was relying on secondhand information about El Campesino and Bertrand Russell, by sending photocopies of statements each had written in books on the Soviet slave labor system and (2) I sent Peter Singer a correction of his ill-advised public statements in The New York Review of Books about the quality of life of Baby Jane Doe, using a photocopy of a column by Nat Hentoff in The Village Voice explaining how Baby Jane Doe was doing quite well. I also offered to debate Dr. Singer in private e-mail, an offer he respectfully declined.

Marina Banchetti

FacebookLinkedInMy Website

Boye Ogunseitan

Faculty Website

Christopher Behrens

Univ. of WA Medical School Faculty Profile

Misinformation is the favorite tool of tyrants and demagogues.

Richard Gomer

Faculty Website

Jeffrey Brookings

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Steven Katz

Univ. of MI Medical School Faculty Profile

The Pledge has value.

Wesley Jarrell

NRES WebsiteLinkedin

Melissa Martin

FacebookLinkedInFor FL. Senate District 14

I whole-heartedly agree in the need to keep our public discourse accountable to the truth of the matter, especially those among those in positions of public trust and confidence. These are basic expectations of a healthy, functioning society.

Bobby Agagnina

FacebookFor Seminole County School Board District 4

I signed because facts matter. A fact is a fact and a lie is a lie.

Lee Mangold

FacebookFor Fl. State Representative

We need leaders who believe in truth and honesty above all. If my pledge can encourage others to subscribe to a higher standard as well then we can start to make some real progress!

David TK Hayes

FacebookTwitterFor FL State Representative District 38

We need more truth in politics, and I have no affiliations - I am running to represent the needs of the people, not partisan values. America has departed from the truth sadly and it is getting worse.

Layla Hartz

FacebookFor FL House District 57

We need to bring integrity back into our politics.

48th Legislative District Democrats

Facebook48th LD Democrats

Agreed-on standards of truth are essential for all societies. As a technological society based on objective science we cannot survive as we are without adhering to objective truth.

Serafettin Yarar


Myra Symons


Michelle Wilson

Lewis Elbinger

FacebookFor US Congress - California District 1

This pledge is consonant with my highest values, vision, interests and ideals.

Fred Adler

Faculty Website

Carolee Luberto


Youssouf Oomar


Vladimir Ivanovic

ACM Digital Library CitationsLinkedin

Not only is it ethically the right thing to do, but we cannot hope to make good decisions without knowing the truth.

Harry He

FacebookFor CA Assembly District 9

Truth is the only way to ensure a brighter future.

Thomas Sherry

Tulane University

George Chiesa


Joshua Dressler

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Richard Kahle

FacebookCalifornia 50th U.S. Congressional District

Our campaign is about ending lobbyist influence, cutting the deficit, and restoring trust in our government. Those efforts need organizations, such as PTP, to hold candidates and elected officials accountable. I welcome any effort to place math and objectivity before political talking points and exaggerated narratives.

Robert Pendleton MD, PhD

TwitterPendleton for Congress

I want to elevate the level of political debate, and break through bipartisan congressional gridlock rhrough compromise

Website is working towards smarter and more accountable governance, and actively promotes truth in public discourse.

Jeffrey D. Burum

FacebookFor Congress CA 26th

I believe in duty, honor, country through integrity.

Alan Reynolds

FacebookLinkedInFor California Assembly - 41

I signed the pledge because to me it is common sense and common decency. As an engineer there are no ways around facts, and in news and politics there should not be either.

Corey Uhden


Policy does not have a bias unless you do. We should have passionate, but civil, debate about policy and principles without resorting to smears and innuendo. We need a de-escalation of discourse, not more heated rhetoric, and we should all strive to limit our discussions to what we know instead of jumping to conclusions.

Colleen Fernald

Colleen Fernald for United States Senate 1018Campaign for Peace

Our biggest problem is truth decay.

Kurtis Wilson

FacebookLinkedInKurt for Congress 2018

I am a candidate running for U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 23 | California. I am a progressive individual with a long history of helping others. Among the many values I learned growing up, the two that come to mind are \\\"Honor thy Mother and Father\\\", and \\\"Love thy neighbor\\\". If I were to translate these virtues to match today’s political climate, I would have to say it means, “Protect Social Security” and “Healthcare is a Right” As a progressive democratic candidate, I pledge to represent with pride and will continue to stand strong against corruption, be bold enough to ask tough questions in search of solutions to make life in America better for all Americans, and most importantly, be reliable enough to follow through on my commitment to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and never turn my back on the constituents of my district once I am elected office. I am ready to do my part to form a more perfect union. Together, we will get America back on track.

Kenneth Rotter

Facebookfor Cal. State Assembly, District 41

Widespread false information is a threat to democracy and an educated electorate.

Nils Palsson

FacebookLinkedIn for U.S. Congress - 5th District CA

I stand with our people (ALL of us) and the home planet we share. I stand for social, racial, environmental and economic justice for all. I believe that medicare for all, college affordability, campaign finance reform, real peace, racial justice, and solutions to the great crises of our time (including income inequality and climate chaos) are not only possible, but necessary. Right now. We stand at a crossroads, and I trust our collective wisdom to do what is right. And win, lose or draw, there is one thing I’m determined to do above all else: Tell the truth! This is precisely what is missing from our political system today. The scientific facts of climate change, the statistics of wealth inequality, the indisputable evidence of our common humanity, the collective challenges we face, and the proven common-sense solutions that exist, are all enshrouded in a thick web of corporate propaganda, media misinformation, partisan posturing and other obfuscations. The truth will set us free!

Xiaoqing Claire Rong-Mullins


Brenda Rose Clark


Facts Matter. Please join me in taking the PROTRUTHPLEDGE!

Free Intelligent Conversations


We\'ve taken the Pro-Truth Pledge because we think upholding these principles will help us facilitate the best conversations we can

Alex Sparreboom

OSU Faculty Profile

Akinyemi Agbede

Vote Smart Bio

Because it is the right thing to do.

Melinda Hill

Faculty Website

Melanie Brodnik

OSU Faculty Profile

As an academic I am committed to truth and transparency in leadership at all levels of government and in the work setting.

James Bradley

FacebookLinkedInJames P Bradley for US Senate

We cannot change the United States without bringing Integrity, Truth, Morality, Diplomacy and Family Values. We have seen the result of the current and past elected officials that has lost their way. We are faced divisions that are legion and we must vote in new officials that embody those attributes that make our nation great.

Gayle McLaughlin

Facebookfor Cal. Lieutenant Governor

The truth should guide every elected official and their decision-making. In my 13 years of elected office, the truth has been my compass and will always be so. The truth is the most powerful weapon we have and the public should demand it from each and every candidate and elected official.

Christopher Gecik

OSU Profile

Jos Raadschelders

Faculty WebsiteWikipedia

Kurtis Wilson

FacebookLinkedInKurt for Congress 2018

I am a candidate running for U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional District 23 | California. I am a progressive individual with a long history of helping others. Among the many values I learned growing up, the two that come to mind are \"Honor thy Mother and Father\", and \"Love thy neighbor\". If I were to translate these virtues to match today’s political climate, I would have to say it means, “Protect Social Security” and “Healthcare is a Right” As a progressive democratic candidate, I pledge to represent with pride and will continue to stand strong against corruption, be bold enough to ask tough questions in search of solutions to make life better for all Americans, and most importantly, be reliable enough to follow through on my commitment to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and never turn my back on the constituents of the 23rd District of California. I am ready to do my part to form a more perfect union. Together, we will get America back on track.

Kristopher Keller

LinkedinKeller Chiropractic

Jo Glading-DiLorenzo

Project Coach WebsiteLinkedin

Bharadwaj Munimanikyam

LinkedinQuora WebsiteGoogle Plus

Gwen Marshall

FacebookSouthwest Ohio Green Party

.... truth matters when public policy is made

Hamilton County Green Party

Hamilton County Ohio Green PartyLinkedInSouthwest Ohio Green Party

.... because public policy should be made based on the facts.

Matthew Levie


Shan Baker

Physician Website

Joseph Millichap

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Cleveland Shields

LinkedinFaculty Website

Kurt Brandle


Beau Weston

Centre College DirectoryLinkedIn

The highest commitment of a scholar is to the truth.

Anna Lysakowski

Research Gate ProfileLinkedIn

I’m a scientist, so I’m committed to the search for truth.

Helen Joyner

Univ. of Idaho Faculty Profile

People need accurate information to make informed decisions and solve current global challenges

Anthony Corigliano

SJFC People Directory

One America Movement


At a time of great fractures in our country, it\'s critical that we seek the truth. The One America Movement\'s work to bring Americans together across divides to address pressing social issues is rooted in the belief that we can seek truth together despite our differences. We\'re proud to sign the Pro-Truth Pledge and model truth-seeking as an organization as we encourage it in others.

Caroline Keenan

Faculty Website

Elizabeth Groff

Temple Univ. Faculty Profile

Truth matters.

Lawrence Fenton

Sanford Health

Masoud Moallem

Rockford Univ. Faculty Directory

Lies chisel at the foundations of democracy.

Thomas J. Mason

Faculty Website

Thomas Stibolt

Health U.S News

Mark Andrews

Academic websiteLinkedIn

I signed the pledge because as a scientist, an educator and an publicly elected official, I understand that the truth is the most important tool we have to combat ignorance and our society and the world.

Rainer Glaser

Faculty Website

Dianna Gahlsdorf Terrell

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

William Palmer

Poemeleon Website

Howard Schweber

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Renato Barahona

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Brandon LaFavor Profile

Kenneth Jones

Faculty Website

John Kerekes

Faculty Website

Dan Levine

UT Arlington

James Farrell

Faculty Website

John W. Barker

Faculty Website

Paul Luce

Faculty Website

Gislin Dagnelie

Faculty Website

Jerry Koehler

Faculty Website

David Lehr

Faculty Website

Felicia Cravens


Jon Hoekstra


As a science teacher for non-majors, I encourage students to take evidence seriously, and I want to make it clear that I hold myself to the same standard. I like the emphasis on truthful BEHAVIORS that help us gather around the campfire of enlightenment. If the pledge said I would never make a mistake or get something wrong, I would not sign! But I do promise to try my best to share, honor, and encourage truth.

Douglas Gentile

International Society for Research on Aggression

As a scientist studying a topic that gets heated opinions (e.g., media violence and aggression), it has been very distressing to see the country slide into an anti-science approach, where all opinions are seen as equally valid to years of strong scientific evidence. Certainly everyone gets to have their own opinions, but not all opinions are supported by science, and therefore not all opinions are equal.

Jonathan Levine


Nader Rahimi

Boston Univ. School of Medicine Faculty Profile

Truth is an ultimate currency of the humanity, without it we are all animals and democracy erodes.



EthicsGame is committed to transforming ethics education as we equip people to master the game of life. Commitment to telling the truth regardless of whether or not it is convenient or matches a preferred world view is essential for creating ethical cultures and communities. That is why we are taking the pledge.

Traci Mann

FacebookThe Mann Lab at the Univ. of Minnesota

How important is truth to me? I had the Hebrew word emet — which means truth — tattooed on my arm. I am horrified by the flagrant violation of truth and fact in the current administration.

Jim Cooper

Olympia City CouncilFacebook

Truth is all we have.

David Hunter

Univ. of Minnesota Medical School Faculty Profile

I signed the pledge because of my revulsion of the lack of civility and truth in modern discourse.

Gregory Michalk


Peter Rickards

Facebook Peter

I offer $1,000 to anyone finding ANY lie or exaggeration from me on my website or in my 30 years of citizen action. So signing a Truth Pledge is a no brainer. I ask all politicians to offer $1,000 for any lie they tell to show they will always tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

David Akadjian

There are worse things than the truth.

Michelle DeCoux Hampton

MFP Fellows Website

Sally McGill


Ryan Skinnell

TwitterImprint Academic Faculty ProfileMy website

I value truth in the public square, and I think we should do what we can to support and encourage it.

Zoe Melvin


Robert Lustig

Facebook linkLinkedInRobert Lustig

There is only one dogma. There is no dogma. That is why it is called re-search. Science moves the ball forward. Anything less than truth regresses us back to the Dark Ages, where dogma ruled.

Thomas Moore

Faculty WebsiteLinkedIn

Truth-telling is a crucial foundation of a democratic, civil, and humane society, but it has become undervalued (and cynically unexpected) in our recent culture. I would like to see public figures and institutions become more accountable for and honored for being scrupulously truthful.

Suzanne Levine


Sherman Lewis

Faculty Website

Yoon Kim

Faculty Website

Partito EcoAnimalista


Richard W. Olsen

Faculty Website

M. Robert Hamersley

Faculty webpage

Civil discourse based on verifiable evidence and reason is the best way to establish a common ground that can be used for social decision-making.

Partho Ghosh


Natalie Purcell

Faculty Website

Rolla Lewis

Cal State East Bay Faculty DirectoryThe Taos Institute - Lifescaping

I signed this pledge because the current public discourse lacks credibility where lies are not confronted. There can be many differing perspectives regarding the truth, but lies undermine the credibility of any civil discourse.

Professor Robin Erbacher

Faculty Website

Randall Stafford

Home pageWebsite

Louis Moffett


Mitchell Schwarzer


Russ Pevoto


Michael Hagerty


Merlin Larson


Kenneth Nagy


Mark Bayer


Henry Forman


Katherine Turner-Pearson

FacebookLinkedInFor Texas House District 56

Honesty matters. It is time political figures tell the truth.

Lloyd Stanley Durkin


Kathryn Phillips

Faculty WebsiteLinkedin

Frederick Dolan

Academia.eduMy Website

Charles Chubb

Faculty Website

Frank Scavo


To give all persons involved in the American way of life, the truth and facts to make solid decisions. By not omitting or under reporting on the issues, I believe I can help change hearts and minds with logic and truth. That is why I join Pro Truth Pledge today.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner

The truth matters in (re)building public trust in government.

Rick Schreffler


Armando Gamboa

FacebookTwitterAct Blue

I want to keep my campaign as transparent as possible for all my voters.

Allison Lami Sawyer

Vote Smart Bio

Asha Rao

Cal State East Bay Faculty Directory

I signed the pledge because I do not want to live in post truth era. Our current President and his administration have taken us down the rabbit hole into a bizarre world where truth does not seem to exist. We need fact based decision making and some regard for truth.

Robert Smith

OSU Faculty Directory

J.R. Phillips


I signed this pledge because the truth matters in all aspects of our lives.

William H Shaw

Faculty Website

Jeannine Lake

For Congress from IN 6th Dist.

Fake news is prolific and profoundly disruptive of the American justice system. We must attack the issues or face a world of untruths as truth and lies as approval.

Laura Eckstein

FacebookFor Union County, OR District Attorney

I am committed to transparency and accountability to repair and maintain the public trust, as I view myself as a public servant.

Lane Siekman

FacebookFor Congress from IN 6th District

I believe that truth and honesty is essential for good goverment and a fair and just society.

Greg Sagan

Facebook: Greg Sagan for CongressFor U.S. House of Representatives, Texas District 13

I believe that government institutions are obligated to use facts and sound reasoning as the basis of public policy and to call out and hold as false those policy arguments that are based on lies, errors and specious reasoning. By signing this pledge I have only formalized the way I have been living my adult life anyway.

Amy Martin

FacebookFor 263rd Criminal District Court Judge, Harris County, TX

Integrity should come first in our political process.

Cheryl Nunn

FacebookLinkedInCheryl Nunn for Utah State Legislature Candidate House District 16

Honesty, integrity and character matter. Without these attributes, how can the public trust their leaders to do what they say they will do? I never thought I would run for an elected office and I am a grandmother now that needed to adopt little girls rather than have them go into foster group homes. Yet I cannot watch the turn of events since Trump was elected, and not step up to represent the 99%.

Michael Hupp

FacebookTwitterFor Colorado State Representative for District 45

I learned of this effort during a candidate forum. I am a scientist (veterinarian) and committed to truth, factual discourse, and honest debate based on those.

Thomas Blanton


Catherine Krantz

FacebookFor 4th Congressional District of Texas

I took the PRO TRUTH PLEDGE because I believe in Democracy, and that requires transparency and accountability from our elected officials. Americans deserve representatives that value honesty and integrity.

AJ Holmes

FacebookInstagramMy website

I feel that those in public service or elected positions need to speak the truth on and off the record, and they should be held accountable for their claims.

Keith Funkhouser


I live my life by speaking the truth and would expect that in return. I want to be part of changing the view and culture of elected leaders.

Anthony Behrens

FacebookFor Judge Marion County, Oregon

We need to recognize that we are all Americans and that the pervasive political polarization and lying undermines our democracy.

Michael Hunter

Facebookfor Oregon State House District 19

scientific study, capable of peer review need to be considered above emotional suppositions.

Renee Windsor-White


I signed the ProTruth Pledge because I believe that civil, truthful political discourse is the best way to resolve our differences, solve our problems and unite as Americans.

peter wright

Vote Smart BioEcon B Blog

I already am honest - this is a no-brainer.

Jackie Patton

Jackie Patton for CongressFacebookTwitter

I believe these are unprecedented times and that it is imperative that candidates and elected officials tell the truth! There is too much deceit circulating and citizens have lost faith in their Representatives. I want to change that! We shouldn\'t have to second guess whether or not officials are telling the truth and looking out for our best interest.

R. Thomas Payne


Phillip Wiley

Vote Smart BioBallotpedia - for WV House of Delegates 5th District

I feel that as political figures we need to tell the people why we vote the way we do and to let them know how we will act on issues that affect them.

Ann Brady

Facebookfor Rockingham County, NC Commissioner

Public officials need to listen, to research, to be willing to learn truths that do not conform with their beliefs. My beliefs are well summarized by former Army Gen. Martin Dempsey – former chairman of joint chiefs of staff who said, If you are a leader, you must commit yourself to learning. And if you really commit yourself to that, you can’t simply be satisfied with reinforcing what you already know; you have to stretch yourself out in order to truly learn. Which allows you to do what’s most important as a leader today, and that is you must be a sense maker for those who follow you. And I say that because if leaders in the environment I’ve been describing have an obligation to help you make sense of things, to clarify, not confuse. I will do that.

Humanist Community of Central Ohio


Deb Hardin


I am a firm believer that truth & transparency will lead to trust by the citizens of our county. It is time that politicians are open, honest and compassionate.

Shivam Vij


I believe truth matters for us all.

Andrea Bonny

FacebookFor Ohio District 24

It is time we use a balanced, evidence-based approach in our government. It is time we come together as citizens and work for what is right and true and just.

Vera Miller

Huntington Herald Dispatch article

I believe in integrity and well-informed decisions.

Madeleine Dean

For US Congress from PA

I am signing the pro-truth pledge because we need to return a sense of transparency and truthfulness to Washington, D.C. and all levels of public service. We must stand up to all attempts to misguide others, and work to consistently be transparent in our own actions as public servants.

Steve Bacher

FacebookLinkedInMy website: Steve Bacher for Congress

Truth in under siege in the America of Trump. We must fight back.

Ryan Watts

FacebookLinkedInfor Congress NC 6th District

It is time to restore balance and accountability in Washington D.C. - facts matter. And our leaders have a duty to lay out information fairly, explain our decision making, and communicate with constituents without misinformation.

T. Samuel Azinger

Willms Law OfficeFacebook

Gary Wegman

Facebookfor PA 9th Congressional District

So much of the divisiveness in our public discourse of our current issues of governance are caused by misinformation being disseminated in the public media. I am running for Representative to Congress in the 9th District as a small businessman, farmer, and healthcare professional to restore integrity to this leadership role. Speaking Truth to Power requires diligence and reflection prior to making public pronouncements. I am extremely grateful to the strong supporters of my effort to serve the constituents of the new 9th District through their constant sharing of information and fact checking with my campaign, enabling me to speak with confidence and clarity on our issues that matter.

Michele Wherley

Facebookfor PA 41st District.

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of good character. We must all do our part to hold ourselves, our elected officials and public figures accountable.

Renate Pore

FacebookFor WV House 35

Our politics are polluted with distortions and lies. We need to promote civil discourse to save our democracy.

Jason Stephens

For WV Senate District 7

Because I am sick of Elected Officials telling us one thing then doing another. We need truth to the people and bring back integrity to the elected positions.

Allen Edwards

Allen Edwards for NC House District 84Campaign to Elect Allen Edwards

In the age of 24-hour news for ratings and rampant sharing of misleading or purely fabricated social media posts, the seeking of truth is more important than ever. It is our duty to ourselves and to society to constantly search for truth, to challenge those who knowingly spread untruths or unsubstantiatable claims, and to be willing to admit when our own truths are shown to be wrong. When I entered medical school, one of the first things we were told was, You will learn a lot in the next four years, and 50% of it will be wrong. Only by continually examining evidence and drawing rational conclusions can we find truth. As a physician, my credibility depends upon my telling my patients the truth. As I enter the political arena, the importance of telling the truth to those I hope to represent remains a top priority. If you tell the truth, you do not have to remember anything. (attributed to Mark Twain, but I cannot prove those were actually his words).

Richard Patrick

FacebookMy Web Site

I signed the Pledge because I believe in Truth in the election process. Too many people use lies about their stand on issues, use false facts and figures to promote themselves and wrongly spread untruths about their opponents.

David Tofsted

For NM District 36

Tom Bailey


It is right.

Wendy Bird

Berkeley County, WV Schools

I took the pledge because I have heard many false statements being told at forums and have been become very wary of the politicians.

Mike Romano

West Virginia Legislature Directoryfor WV Senate

I believe in the truth. Facts must be the basis of all critical decisions in a democracy. Without recognition of the facts, you have ignorance which breeds fear, and fear fosters hatred.

Bibi Hahn

Facebookfor WV House of Delegates

I am tired of lies and half-truths from our so-called leaders!

Michael Angelucci bio

Brianne Solomon

FacebookTwitterfor WV House of Delegates District 14

I signed the pledge because I believe that public figures and elected officials owe their constituents complete transparency in communication and action.

Paul Bonham

We live in a society that is increasingly based on emotions and not facts. Facts should lead emotions, not the reverse. In building my website,, I was dedicated to citing factual information and direct quotes. My family motto is Esse Quam Videri: to be rather than to seem.

Jim Meredith


I signed the pledge because it is the right thing to do. If we are to have a functioning Democracy, citizens must have honest and true information on the basis of which they can make good informed decisions at the ballot box.

Norman Bossert

For NC State Senate 48

I believe that it is necessary to renew trust in our government institutions. I am concerned that too many people assume ill motives to those in office and those seeking office. I believe that our legislators probably seek office, as I do, with the most sincere desire to serve the public. I believe that most stay that way. Sadly, there are some corrupted elected officials who lose their way. All of us need to do better and remember that we must seek to serve our constituents in our own districts and in the greater State of National governments.

Beth Kendall

FacebookBeth for Commissioner of Iredell County, NC

I took the pledge because I want to challenge all public figures to focus more energy on sharing complete and truthful information in an effort to ensure the public is well informed and able to distinguish fact from fiction.

giles stroud


It is so easy to be fair, honest and truthful.

Cameron Chick Sr


I am a candidate for NM State Representative District 49 and want to do everything possible to help my fellow New Mexicans.

Daniel Caudill

FacebookLinkedInFor Gaston County, NC Commissioner

The truth matters to all of us.

Greg Cranford


I signed the pledge because I will be honest with voters.

Rick Foulke

Dr. Rick Foulke for NC House 68

I agree with clarity and transparency as the best basis for complex decisions.

Travis Kiker


I believe a man is only as good as his word and I commit to honesty in all areas of my life.

Quincy Kofi Swatson


I, Quincy Kofi Swatson, candidate for Democratic state committee in the 42nd senatorial district of Pennsylvania feel it is imperative that we who serve the public do so honestly and truthfully. I am taking this pledge to ensure turth; not convenience as the basis of policies and agenda absent of hidden motives.

Ezra Nanes

FacebookTwitterMy Website

I signed the pledge because in order to make real progress we need to work together. When we hold ourselves accountable to evidence, scientific consensus and fact we ensure that we remain open to points of view other than our own. I hope to move beyond our current divisions and lead us towards a vision.

Houston Barrow


Tandy Dunn

FacebookDonate to campaign for Beaufort County, NC Commissioner

I signed the pledge because the truth must be told. We do not need half truths or fake news.

Joe Webster

Facebookfor PA District 150

I took this pledge because character and integrity matter personally and in public discourse. Democracy depends on knowledgeable citizens, and accountability.

Donna Ensley

Citizen-Times Articlefor Buncombe County, NC Commissioner, District 3

I signed this pledge because as a Rotarian I pledge to evaluate everything I think, say or do by the 4-way test. 1) is it the truth? 2) is it fair to all concerned? 3) will it build goodwill and better friendships? 4) will it be beneficial to all concerned. As an elected official I will bring that level of accountability to my position.

Tommy Jordan


One of the things that causes the most harm in my opinion is politicians and media spouting something they read on Facebook as a fact without being able to quote a source. If you cannot quote a reputable source (and at least two of them) to support your stance with statistical data, then it is nothing more than an opinion and should not be misused to mislead the public.

Kirk Smith


I signed the pledge as it is written in John 8:32: Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Elliott Lynch


We need accountability from all.

Michelle Laws

BallotpediaFor NC 4th Congressional District

I signed the Pro Truth Pledge because the integrity and sanctity of our democracy is predicated by promoting policies and information that are grounded in truth and facts. It is important that we lead the way in demonstrating unfettered respectful, honest, and civil discourse as global leaders.

Dan Whitten

For NC House 15

Laci LeBlanc

FacebookMy Website

I signed the pledge because, while everyone has their own opinions, there is only one version of the truth. In order to understand the issues we are facing and affect any real change, we must begin with the facts. Operating from a basis of truth levels the playing field and encourages meaningful public discourse. If we cannot agree on facts, we cannot even begin a conversation.

Rob Rhoderick


Accountability and transparency are the cornerstones of representative democracy. Voters are tired of divisiveness, inaction, and the proliferation of misinformation. I want to be an active part of the solution, so I am signing the Pro-Truth pledge to affirm my commitment to serving the public with honesty and integrity.

Larry Phillips

Surrey County, NC Commissioner

Good public policy is policy that is rooted in factual information. In an age of misinformation, we must continually challenge our presuppositions and seek truth.

David Owen

Caswell County, NC Commissioners

I signed this pledge because our citizens deserve to hear the facts on both sides of all issues and not just those used to sway opinion in one direction. I will diligently work to uphold these principles and demand others do as well.

Chet Spear

TwitterLinkedInCurry County, New Mexico Commissioners

The right thing to do.

Peter Fray

TwitterLinkedInUniversity of Technology Sydney Faculty Directory

There is no other viable option than to be pro truth.

Mike Ellison

FacebookLinkedInMike Ellison for Oregon

As a pro-science candidate with a background in STEM, I have an ethical and moral responsibility to spread honest, factual information.

Shannon Souza

FacebookLinkedInShannon Souza for House District 1

Truth and accuracy in our leaders is absolutely essential for a healthy Democracy.

Brandon Calhoun


Leo Jennings


Keith Colton

I signed the pledge because I believe in truth and honesty based on biblical principles.

Mark Callahan

FacebookTwitterCallahan For Congress Campaign (R-OR-5)

Telling the truth is the very foundation of Honor, Integrity and Character.

Gabriel Keller


Shanna Danielson

FacebookShanna for PA92

It seems that we are being constantly fed a barrage of misinformation, whether intentionally or not, that is seriously contributing to our political stagnation in this country.

Joshua Garcia

FacebookCampaign Website

America is tired of the Washington Establishment which feeds nothing but lies and, false information to the public. I am running for the people and, not the establishment.

Raz Mason, MDiv, MAPS

FacebookLinkedInCampaign Website:

I signed the pledge because I know that calm, courageous attention to the truth is what moves our society and communities ahead, one step at a time. In this time of widespread anxiety, some real, much manufactured, our best solutions arise from working with what IS. As a candidate for Congressional District 2 in Oregon, representing mostly-rural Eastern and Southern Oregon, I get to represent people from across the political spectrum. I build bridges between red and blue - this makes me the deep-purple candidate. I know process is as important, and often more important, than content. A mathematics degree and experience as a science teacher inspire me to live out this pledge with integrity each day. Thanks to all who have signed the pledge, and tell others about it! The Pro-Truth Pledge is an important tool for how we make genuine progress in each of our groups, communities, and societies.

Peter Wright

My Blog

I am hoping this will persuade people to do what they should have been raised to do - be honest. Good work. Keep it up.

Solea Kabakov

FacebookElect Solea Kabakov to represent OR 30th District

In this world controlled by corporate greed we must not be afraid to speak truth to power.



Humza H Rashid


I have experienced users on facebook, twitter etc., having been easily taken to accept lies as truth because such people generally do not carry much time on doing research on a fact placed before them. This culture to manipulate and control people with pack of lies must come to end. Appreciate the cause!

Randy J. Barli


Steve Snell


I signed the pledge because the extreme rhetoric is tearing the nation apart. We desperately need to work toward restoring faith in our democracy by being responsible citizens and, in my case, an honest candidate.

Kathy Meyer


Garrett Baldwin


Andrew Saturn

FacebookTwitterCampaign Website

Too many candidates rely upon sketchy information, rumors, or misinformation to win over voters. My campaign will be about facts and honesty. We will fact check everything and make sure no number or piece of information is incorrect.

Shira Goodman


Because we should all be living in a fact based society.

Anthony Sposato


I want to represent taxpayers first and do the best for the community that I represent and for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. If I make a mistake I will acknowledge it. My belief is that public officials do not know everything. So, my plan is to gather the facts measure the positive or negative impact of a decision and only act if it has a positive effect.

Nina Ahmad

Campaign Website

Jay Breneman

FacebookLinkedInMy Website

I pledge to join in the fight against misinformation used to manipulate policy and the public.

Robert Bertha

FacebookTwitter My Website

It is extremely important for politicians to be truthful. I am taking this pledge to show the people of Pennsylvania that I am an advocate for the truth.

Katie Muth

Campaign Website

Jim Gregory

FacebookHollidaysburg School BoardAltoona Mirror article

I am a journalist by trade and education. I am embarrassed to say I am a journalist because of how truth in journalism has disappeared. I am also a person who works a 12 step program to live. I cannot live that life by not telling the truth in my personal life.

Mike Tamir


Robert Howard

Voters must be encouraged to be informed.

Robert Castellani

Facebook page Robert Castellani for State Representative

In order to go forward in life. You must be truthful with yourself and with the public. Everyone deserves the truth.

William Merrell

Peters Township School Board

All person in public office should do nothing less than promising to tell the public the truth.

Nancy Becker


I believe the American citizens deserve to know the truth about candidates running for election.

Jim Wertz


As an educator, I have encouraged my students to engage society with critical thought, asking them to consider the sources of their information, the opinions of their friends, and the validity of the world in which they live; and I hope that I have helped them acquire the tools to live a life rooted in fact and fairness. As a candidate, I will honor those standards of public discourse and civility as my contribution to the political process.

David Buell


I am an accountable officer holder and encourage all candidate, campaign staff and office holders should have honesty and integrity.

Dan David

Dan David for

Our enemies are not fellow Americans with different political beliefs. Too many times we have seen misinformation enter into out political process, often from oversees interests who are trying to divide us.

Candace Crouse

Campaign WebsiteFacebook

Craig Bowden


I have always tried to be honest in what I say. I am asking the state of Utah to trust me. In order to do that, I need to be truthful in all I say.

Jeffrey Whipple


I signed because I believe in honesty, and in facts. I have already committed to run a campaign based only on verifiable fact, so signing this pledge was a no-brainer.

James Singer

FacebookSinger for Congress

Finding truths, sharing them, and utilizing them is the only way we can progress in society and s humanity. Deceit and lies are oppressive and undemocratic.

Danielle Shepherd

Danielle Shepherd PhD

Voters deserve to have elected officials who can be treated as reliable resources for information. I hope that by taking the pledge that I help to repair the damage caused by untruthfulness and outright lies. Hopefully, this pledge will be one of many steps to rebuilding trust between constituents and elected officials.

Natasha Hadrych-Rosier


I believe in living my life as honestly and ethically as possible. Even the things in my life that I have done and I am not proud of, have helped me to become the person I am today. So, I live my life the way I want to be remembered and try to pay-it-forward as I go.

Felicia Washington Ross

Vote Smart Bio

I want my constituents to Know that I am running because I am a person that believes in the TRUTH

Ginger Bock

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I signed the pledge because I believe that voters deserve to base their votes upon accurate information.

Katrine Lancaster

Accountability, integrity, truthfulness and common decency should be required of all public officials.

Marcus Rech

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The people deserve the truth and the recent scandals here on the state level in Ohio have proven that even more.The people also deserve to know about the corruption and it should be exposed.

Steve Bujenovic

Greene County Democratic Candidates

Gleb has his heart in the right place and with the attack on the truth today, I signed because I want him to know that I support his efforts. For the record, it feels odd to promise to do the obvious. Steve Bujenovic MD

Stuart Armstrong

Oxford Experts Directory

Aaron Godfrey


I signed the pledge because I believe in being upfront and honest with the people, and plan to do exactly that when elected.

Rosemary Palmer


Matt Shouler


Alex Edmans

TEDx talk From Post-Truth to Pro-Truth

I signed the pledge because truth is extremely important in the post-truth world of today. We listen to single anecdotes not large-scale evidence (and indeed business school case studies and books encourage storytelling); we accept evidence only if it agrees with our pre-conceived viewpoint; and we rarely scrutinise the rigour of evidence - what matters is whether we agree with it, rather than whether it is robust.

Larry Carter Center


I have always told the truth about USA UN war and victims. an American Atheist it is critical for world peace and public education to expose theocratic fraud and genocide. Science is peer reviewed so should all faiths

Tom (Big Daddy) Dwyer

FacebookThe Big Daddy Road Show Website

A few months back - I started a show online called Real Talk with Big Daddy to tackle real-life issues - I enjoy talking with people (always trying to understand different points of view) I like to help people in a bind or in a rough patch in life, we have all been there - right? Basically - I would rather the truth - it seems to me, better to deal with reality (Hard Truths) no matter what.

Erica Crawley


stephen fischmann

BallotpediaLinkedInCampaign Website

We cannot make good public policy unless we are all working with truthful information.

Kelly Hawes


Clayton Adams


I signed the pledge because I am a believer in truth. Facts are extremely important and must be supported with credible sources. Our elected leaders have a responsibility to convey accurate information that is supported by credible sources to their constituents.

Clayburn Griffin

FacebookTwitterClayburn for Congress

Information is sacred and should not be used to deceive or manipulate people. An informed public is vital to a functioning Republic, and we all have to do our part stop the spread of fake news and misleading information.

Ed Mccants

Marion Star articleWikipedia

Like my heros the truth takes a lofe sacrafice. I am committed to a wholesome truth of the humanitarian constructs only.

Gerald Yeargin

Jerry Yeargin 4 County Commissioner

I want to combat the rising tide of disinformation.

Ray Lara


Cherrvale Daily News


Karen Trujillo


I signed the pledge because as a public figure I think it is important to be an example of respectful, honest communication.

Jessica Foard

FacebookLinkedInMy Website

I believe our citizens deserve to know the truth, especially from their elected officials.

Stephanie Dolmat


Ben Haynes


Mick Shoemaker, Jr.

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Because honesty in politics is rare. I support your cause.

Day Hochman

FacebookLinkedInCampaign Website

I believe that facts matter, and the very fabric of our society depends on access to information that is properly vetted and verified as true.

Antoinette Reyes

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I signed the pledge because I believe it is important that our decision makers create policies based on scientific facts. I believe it is important that our leaders are transparent, honest, and able to decipher facts from opinions.

Ken Milder

Los Alamos County Post articleLos Alamos County Assessor Website

I am an elected official who not supports truthfulness but also transparency. BTW, if anyone is curious about the email address I used, it was created as an initial email that I use until an organization proves to me that they do not spam, send unwanted solicitations, or distribute my contact information without my permission.

Susan Moran Palmer

FacebookTwitterMy Website

I signed the Pro Truth Pledge because voters deserve a Congressional Representative who demands honesty and transparency in all that they do to represent 16th Ohio Congressional District.

Paula Gomes Moreira


Jennifer Gigi Ferguson

Campaign Website

Patrice Brown

Campaign Website

I signed the pledge to encourage transparency and Candidacy that Voters can trust...



I believe in Truth only!

John Tamburello


I am a man on honesty and integrity who has always lived by a pro truth pledge

Lis Regula


I am taking this pledge because our citizens deserve to have candidates and politicians who respect facts and who deal in the truth, instead of candidates and politicians who are willing to stretch the truth and spread misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Brett Joseph

FacebookLinkedinConstance for Ohio

I see this as a recognition that chronic lying and Soviet-style propaganda are becoming normalized in some sectors or our political landscape and that we need leaders who will speak out about this danger. I intend to do so. Even more insidiously, the polarization and dumbing down of our political discourse and reduction of complex policy issues to over-simplified binary choices has contributed to a dangerous failure of critical thinking. This failure is made far worse as our communications have become mostly mediated by our technologies, including social media, which creates an \\\\\\\"echo chamber\\\\\\\" effect that reinforces individual biases by selectively drawing people\\\\\\\'s attention to only that which confirms their existing beliefs. As a candidate I pledge to actively seek out the best available interdisciplinary evidence and listen to a diversity of views, and to engage in discourse with critical thinking and a willingness to be held accountable to the facts wherever they may lead.

Cassimir Svigelj

FacebookTwitterMy Website

I signed the pledge because I believe elected officials and civil servants should be open and accountable to their constituents and not beholden to corporations, lobbyists, or special interests.

Marilyn Tunnat

TwitterCampaign Website

Today I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge. By promising to differentiate fact from opinion, I hope to elevate the conversations I want to have with the citizens of Ohio District 32.

Marcia L. Fudge

My Congressional WebsiteTwitterWikipedia

I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge because there is no integrity in government without truth, and decisions should be guided by accurate data and facts

Rick Raley


We need better political discourse in our nation both in terms of civility and accuracy. I signed the pledge because I am committed to creating that new discourse.


NewsThisSecond strives for the truth and reports the facts. We have never endorsed any political party or candidate.

Katherine Chipps

FacebookTwitterCampaign Website

I signed the pledge because elected officials and candidates need to be truthful with the public.

Bob Barker Jr

Our CampaignsFacebook

I am sick of lying politicians who lie and i will not be one of them. I will not lie!

Brian Flick

FacebookDann Law Office

I took the pledge because I want to ensure transparency and honesty at all levels of government.

Matthew Guyette

FacebookLinkedInMatthew Guyette for US Congress, OH-8, Democrat

Rational discourse is the bedrock of the democratic process. Without a set of verifiable facts; discourse and compromise become impossible. Demagoguery and fake news serve no legitimate purpose. They dumb-down our public debate and cause citizens to become disaffected and cynical.

Werner Lange

Article in the VindicatorCampaign Website

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

WZBC 90.3 FM


There is no alternative to the truth. Truth gives us the opportunity to see the world and everything in and on it with clarity and form our own intelligent responses to change things for the better for everyone and everything. The power of truth knows no bounds, knows no fear and is the primary element of change.

Media In Action


We are a Media Literacy Education project who recognise the importance of media literacy for a functioning democracy. By signing the pledge we hope to help combat misinformation and promote skills such as fact checking and researching the origins of a story.

Dr. Vanessa Enoch

I value truth. I believe everyone should. It is sad in this day and age that people have lost sight of the importance of the dignity and honor in being truthful.

Shawna Roberts

FacebookShawna Roberts for Congress

In order to make good decisions in any aspect of our lives, we need to know the truth. Lies and misinformation lead to poor decisions. People need to be able to trust that their public servants will be honest, so that we can make good decisions about the future of our nation. We have seen the way that untruths have negatively affected people when those untruths are used to develop public policy. It is time for that to end.

Lisa Gehrke

Our Campaigns

Verona Sagato


Helen Alli

FacebookCampaign website

I would like to see more accountability in our administration and I believe that we must fight to uphold the truth at all times.

Dan McClellan


Politics has always frustrated me because identity politics have so often taken priority over concern for facts and for good governance. I am taking the pledge to signal that I consider integrity and honesty to be a priority, and so that I\\\'m held accountable for being truthful in all that I do and say as a candidate for office and as an elected official.

Shelley Walchak


Ohio Cannabis Chamber of Commerce


I believe now is the time for the irrefutable science behind medicinal cannabis values be respected and recognized in society as a whole. The 80 years of propaganda about cannabis needs to end as well as the war on drugs. America needs to become a leader in this industry and not a third world follower.

Joseph Shelton

FacebookMy Website

It is important that all candidates and all elected people are 100% honest and open with the American People. Without honesty in our campaigns we will fall in support across the United States.

Vince Jennings

Jennings for Congress FacebookTwitterBallotpedia

I signed the pledge because the people deserve better.

Tim Sandle

FacebookLinkedInMy website

I believe in fact based journalism

Brian Hitchcock

Worthington Rotary Club

Vinny Marshall

FacebookBeing Libertarian

Truth matters

Joseph Shelton

FacebookTwitterCampaign Website

It is important all people either running for office or currently in office be open and honest about all their thoughts and what they are working for.

Rob Jarvis


Journalism Reclamation Project

FacebookLinkedInOur Site

We signed the pledge because it goes hand in hand with our mission and code of ethics.

Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris for Texas 64My Website

I signed the pledge because it matches my online persona and my real-life persona. Truth is becoming a precious commodity, and must be protected and expanded if we are to improve our political discourse.

Cory Kenneth Buott

My public Facebook profileMy personal Facebook profileMy professional profile (generally related to aviation)

cory. i hope you are not writing the truth. the truth is objective and only the dead are truly objective. peter. -Peter C. Newman wrote this to me, in December 2006. While this seemed true then, and I still agree in part, we have to ask the following questions: What is truth? What is alive/dead? While we have definitions of for both truth and dead -how do we know these definitions are true if we do not challenge them (logically) ourselves? In my exploration, truth carries subjectivity when there is human observer. What is most important here, in my opinion, is to establish as full an interdependent truth as possible -something that is common to all of our experiencing. Based on this, we have some fully interdependent agreement in a concept, prediction, or event. The truth is, I do not completely understand truth beyond letting the moment pass without applying any judgement, prediction, or comparison. But transparency and the criteria expressed in this pledge will help me do my best.

Gus Lyn-Piluso


Signing the Pro Truth Pledge was a no brainer. Democracy, justice, education, human flourishing, and the biosphere depend on the understanding of what is true. As a college professor and as board chair of the Centre for Inquiry Canada I understand that we must be committed to telling the truth and being willing to stand up and publicly admit if and when we are wrong.

Annie Scranton


Tina Maharath


I’m here to be the spoken voice for the unspoken

Tamborine Borrelli


Ahmed Ghanam


Bernard Lamborelle

FacebookTwitterMy Website

I want my readers and followers to trust that my books and the information I am sharing with them is based on verifiable evidence, and that they can hold me accountable to it.

Mike Clark


Like you, I am put off by elected officials that purposely spread misinformation for the goal of raising money and getting elected. As a scientist, I have always sought the facts first before drawing conclusions. Those conclusions are based on sound reasoning skills. We need more people like me elected to public office that are honest and truthful. That is how we lead by example for future generations to follow!

Steven Kaverman

FacebookLinkedInTourism Champion

The truth is vital to a accuracy, to a fair and complete understanding of important issues that face our communities, to progressive political & social action, and to trusted, valued relationships; both in our personal and professional lives.

Meghan Rozell


I have always believed in the truth, facts, and the importance of transparency. I believe so much that is broken in our world and in our government comes from dishonesty and selfishness. Corruption can be countered with truth.

Flagstaff Freethinkers


Anything good and valuable must be rooted in truth.

Naša lista Župa dubrovačka

FacebookKLGB Our List

Jerrod Mogan


Intrepid Newsletter


Since Intrepid Newsletter was created to bring thoughtful, unbiased, international news and lifestyle content to adventurous women, signing the pledge helps define our values and keep us accountable.



Our group sees the truth as a fundamental value.

Alon Ganon

Being LibertarianLinkedInTwitch

Spreading the truth is important for the entire world to become a better place.

The Six Percent

Liberal Bikers

The truth is the difference between light and dark, good and evil. The truth defines us. Without it. We are lost.

Mauri Long


To ensure our democracy, we must end the misinformation in the press and social media.

Soeren O. Ekelund

FacebookLinkedInPersonal Website

Without carefully checked information, the decisions we take are incorrect or at best lucky guesses, and progress is slow due to deceptions and lack of trust - I don\\\'t want to condemn anyone to live in a slow future built on lucky guesses when we can obviously do so much better!

Billy Kovacs


I believe we need to bring statesmanship back into politics. We should base our decisions on facts, not hollow arguments based on idealistic beliefs. Our government should work for all Americans, and we should never compromise the truth for votes. This is how we restore the health of our democracy and move towards a brighter future for our country.

Sheldon Kirkham

facebook candidate pageTwitterKirkham for Congress

I am opposed to the enactment of any law or policy which engenders the discrimination of people based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Our society must jealously defend the recent advancements in protection for people of non-traditional lifestyles and identity.

Kathie Allen

FacebookTwitterCampaign website

It is impossible to make good policy decisions based upon inaccurate or misleading data. We who aspire to be public servants must uphold the truth both with respect to the ethics that guide our moral selves and with respect to science and evidence-based facts. Like many other people of science running for office in 2018, I stepped up to run because I care about the facts.

The Columbian Post

FacebookTwitterOur Site

It is the duty of journalists to question the motives of politicians, not to incorporate them as their own.

Valerie Cumming


Jack Marchbanks


Ryan Parker


In a world filled with opposing agendas, the truth is the final bastion of freedom we have left. Truth is non-negotiable, it's non-partisan, and is non-negotiable.

Beto O’Rourke


Miguel Angel Rosario Lozada


Debemos enfocar nuestra recuperación en impartir procesos con la verdad como norte. Para que todos los países del mundo sean eficientes debemos establecer la verdad como la esencia de nuestro diario vivir.

Ravinder Taylor


Truth matters! The lack of truth today is causing way too many issues.

Eldon Taylor

FacebookLinkedInEldon Taylor

Nothing is more important in our divided society today than truth.

Atheism Analyzed


Without a belief in truth, other beliefs which are not true can flourish. Without truth there is no falsity and hence no possibility of lying. Under these intellectual conditions any moral stance can be taken (and changed at will) while claiming to be moral since the moral stance is chosen to match the individual\'s personal proclivities. This is moral and intellectual chaos, and is what we find in at least half of today\'s culture.

Cheryl Brooks Sullivan


William Egginton


Attorney For Freedom

FacebookTwitterThe Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm

Marc J. Victor is an Arizona State bar certified specialist in criminal law who has been zealously representing clients in serious state and federal criminal law matters for well over twenty years. As a long time freedom activist, Mr. Victor is regularly invited to speak to audiences across Arizona on a variety of issues including ending the drug war, the rights of gun owners, the free market, criminal justice issues as well as a variety of other criminal law related issues.

Shahram Vahdany

FacebookLinkedInMWC News

Experienced Managing Editor with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Strong media and communication professional skilled in News Writing, Breaking News, Documentaries, Editing, and Feature Writing.

MWC News

FacebookLinkedInMWC News – Media With Conscience

Our central aim is to be an important forum for intellectual battle, and firmly oppose any present or future forms of imperialism that can ultimately intervene in taking away our freedom. We sponsor diversity in our news coverage, yet remain true to issues of substance, encouraging debate so that thoughts and ideas are not just simplistically labeled as belonging to the “right” or to the “left”.

Mitchell Vice


Peter Harrison

WebsiteShort Introduction Video (30 Seconds)Facebook

I am a businessman, software engineer, and scientist, three areas of endeavor where reliable facts and evaluating those facts carefully lead to good decisions and successful outcomes. I believe good legislation and policy is advised by good science, not legislation that dictates what scientists can say or replaces them with industry lobbyists who advocate for short term profits that harm our population and future health. And, finally, I believe the Pro-Truth Pledge is a Pro-America Pledge because a nation built on deception cannot faithfully follow or defend our Constitution.

Mary Wilson

FacebookTwitterMary Wilson for Congress

I want candidates and elected officials to be held to high standards. We should be able to give straightforward answers to constituent questions. Currently, we have a president who has a tangential relationship with the truth, at best. It has caused confusion at home and abroad, making it difficult for policy makers to determine a consistent path. It is one thing to have a difference of opinion on policies and issues that matter to all of us, it is an entirely different thing when we cannot trust our elected officials or candidates. Our country deserves better and candidates need to deliver better.

Scott Milder

FacebookTwitterScott Milder for Texas Lieutenant Governor

Restore truth and civility to governance.

Kathy Mohr-Almeida

Campaign Website

Honesty and integrity is needed in public office.

Shawn Lim


Marcus Lawson


Will Fisher

Campaign Website

Albrecht Classen


Kevin Landers

10 TV profile

It’s the right thing to do

Philippe SHOCK Matthews


Sean Socha


Meredith Odell

As a community journalist, the truth is important to me; people look to me to provide the information they want and need to know.

Hope Massie


Columbus Free Press


Andrew Tucker

FacebookFriar Tucker

Honesty and integrity are essential to forming faith and shaping the vocations of students, faculty, and staff here at Capital University and throughout our country.

Suzanne Marilley


Grant Ritchey


Clay Jones

Prism Podcast


FacebookLinkedInWord Carver

I work as a broadcaster and educator, and believe this is one of the most important issues of today.

Rhoda Williams

Voter Pamphlet

Glen Duggan


Tom Casey


As a candidate for the House and past candidate for NY state offices i have always run on the quote form Thomas Jefferson: "The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest. "

Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe


Abby Hafer

Speaker profile

Fugitive Watch


We want to reassure our supporters and the general public that we will only publish vetting articles and cite our sources. We will never publish \\\\\\\"Fake News\\\\\\\".

Brad Blanton


I am the author of the best selling book Radical Honesty and 6 other books about being honest with each other is our only hope.

Frank Popper


I teach city planning at Rutgers and Princeton Universities. I joined because it\'s obviously the right thing to do, for the nation and our institutions in general and our students and fields in particular.

Hengfa Shi


The truth matters, it will set you free.

Dr. Hendrik Bullens

FacebookLinkedInDr. Hendrik Bullens

we have been suffering from too much stupidity already - time to fight back

Kenneth Lambert


Daniel Barth-Jones

LinkedInColumbia University

As a scientist dedicated to generating scientific evidence in support of scientific and evidence-based medical and public health systems in the U.S., I understand that we can not afford to undermine the importance of emphasizing our essential reliance on these critical concepts.

Dennis Robertson

City Council of Tukwilawa

I believe in telling and hearing the truth.

Cameron Goble


I signed the pledge because I want to support efforts to connect people and understand reality in meaningful ways.

Pontus Böckman


Manoj Balakrishnan


Channa Prakash

Positively Skeptical


Matt Anderson


Jake Bell


I spent a lot of money to get a degree in journalism, then spent years watching how facts are twisted and outright ignored in the interest of fairness to both sides of a story. Objectivity and neutrality are not the same thing. We must hold our elected officials to a higher standard and demand truth.

Doug Gilmore


Tim Snow

University of Rio Grande Library

Fake News Hurts Us.

Hispanic American Freethinkers


David Tamayo


Robert LAMAR

FacebookLinkedInRobert LAMAR’s Theatre of the MIND™

Having studied the conjuring arts for nearly fifty years, I have an understanding of how AND why people can become fooled, deceived, and be taken in by scams and fraudulent things (be it news, products, etc.). No matter how intelligent a person is, no matter their ability to critically think, anyone, under the right circumstances, can be deceived, and fall for a scam, fake news, or fraudulent behaviour. I work daily to arm myself, and to lessen the chance of me falling into such a predicament. I think it is incumbent for all of us to strive to expose and share the truth—factual and evidentiary truth—at all times. Therefore, this pledge—the Pro-Truth Pledge—is a wonderful way to share just that...the truth...the whole truth...and NOTHING BUT the truth.

Teesside Skeptics in the Pub

Teesside SitPLinkedInTeesside Skeptics In The Pub

Society is under threat of damage with the spreading of lies and false news on social media. There has to be an effort to set standards for truth. This is a good start at recognising what has to be done.



Cannot live without the Truth!

Kathy Mohr-Almeida, Ph.D.

WebsitePsychology Today ProfileLinkedin

Vote for Europe


We are facing some of the most stupid and damaging actions by governments elected and maintained on the basis of lies. Vote for Europe works to support honest politicians who are willing to fight for the truth and help to stop the madness of Brexit.

Steven Rettke

FacebookLinkedInRutgers Directory

Learning objective truths involving any subject area is the driving force determining most of my values and motivations in life.

Daniel Rutley

LinkedInDaniel Rutley Counselling Services

I am a psychotherapist and truth is paramount. Many clients have a difficulty distinguishing between facts and opinions and get caught up in fake news and often distrust reputable news sources.

This is Reno

As the independent publisher of, we strive to be accurate, fair and honest. We also try to refrain from being salacious in our tone and to present facts as clearly and readily as they are made available. We strive to immediately correct errors of fact, and if there are disagreements about context, we frequently explore new story angles.

SMART Politics

SMART PoliticsSocial Media Approaches for Respect and Tolerance (SMART)

SMART Politics is taking the Pro-Truth Pledge because democracy depends on the pursuit of truth.

Steven Pomeroy


To move forward, we must first agree on where we are and where we've been. Today, that simple proposition is growing harder and harder. The world is an increasingly confusing place, but we have it in our power to make sense of it all if we pledge to think critically and listen. The Pro-Truth pledge could finally return us to a common set of facts, acknowledged by all.

Anna Cesnjevar

OSU Faculty Directory

Tony Sadar


To serve the people of all nations.

Olga Bourlin

FacebookLinkedInInstitute for Science and Human Values

As editor of The Human Prospect, the journal for the Institute for Science and Human Values, our intent corresponds very much with the Pro-Truth practice of examining new scientific evidence, theories, and conclusions, as well as their impact upon and relationship to society, values, and ethics.

William M. London

California State Univ., Los Angeles Faculty Directory

I signed the pledge because I believe that we need to assess trustworthiness of information, people, and organization based on careful assessment of truthfulness of claims made rather than on the basis of tribalism, ideology, or wishful thinking.

Stephan Neuhauss


I pledged because in our age of media confusion democracy is in real danger if we do not find ways to ensure a new level of honesty. Honesty and responsibility, also in self correcting mistakes, is an essential ingredient of an open civil society.

SEVA Skeptics


The truth shall set us free.

de Zilverster Coaching


Irasema Hernandez


Ramona Thompson


Ryan Cahall


Bich Ha Pham


Courtney Marden


Psarah Johnson


Michele Wucker


I signed the pledge because the truth matters, even when we disagree with it.

Ainsley Harriott

Media Bias Fact Check


Media Bias Fact Check strives to be evidence based and to present facts without bias.

Society for Humanistic Mormonism


Nicholas Wolfinger

I signed the pledge because I\'m a college professor, and truthfulness is the bedrock on which all scholarly inquiry rests.

Hannah Botkin-Doty


Jeff Zacks


Edward Wimberly

Jay Kanzler


Roifield Brown


Peter Uvin


Joseph Kumi


Craig Walker


Richard Wallace


Robert Singh


Erica Li


Siri Terjesen


Intellectual and scientific integrity is critical to advancing society.

Curtis Barnes


Laurence Steinberg


If scientists don’t pledge to report the truth, who will?

Sean Stevens


Aidan Coughlan

Web siteTwitterFacebook

Michael Shermer


Dr. Michael Shermer is the Publisher of Skeptic magazine, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University. He is the author of The Moral Arc, The Believing Brain, Why People Believe Weird Things, Why Darwin Matters, The Mind of the Market, How We Believe, and The Science of Good and Evil. His next book is Heavens on Earth: The Scientific Search for Immortality, the Afterlife, and Utopia. His two TED talks, viewed nearly 8 million times, were voted in the top 100 of the more than 2000 TED talks.

Timothy Sisemore

Anxiety and Depression Association of American Directory

As a scientist, I believe in representing reality as best as we can apprehend it and believe a society that bases its culture on reality will be more likely to thrive than one that edits and distorts it to conform to an ideology.

Marlana Portolano


Todd Shackelford


Natalie Obrecht Lindemann

Faculty page

Joshua Schwartz

Faculty page

Carter Pochynok


Michael Stinziano


Justin Kanew


Without truth, we have nothing. Making truth-based decisions is the only way we keep this country heading in the right direction, and with misinformation more prevalent than ever, a commitment to the truth is more important than ever.

Andrew Cohen


Guy Rowlands


Jack Powers


Christopher Robertson


Susan Robbins


Nik Rokop

FacebookLinkedInMy faculty website

I signed the pledge to join and support a diverse group of people who also make decisions and act on facts and truth as much as humanly possible.

Robert Ronau


Nicole Kraft


Jim Persinger


Marina Jirotka


Marina Tulemetova


Nathaniel Mitchell

Griffith University Directory

To make accurate assessments of states of the world, analysts and sociologists, scientists and laypersons require true and accurate information. Without true and accurate information, the decisions are made without informed knowledge (informed consent). Parties are agreeing to statements/ideas/stances without questioning their own positions and without appealing to rigour. This must not continue

Steve Stewart-Williams

TwitterMy Website

Jeffrey Morris


Becca Morley


Kevin Krahenbuhl

Research Gate

Josh Goldberger


Cathy Hankla


Gregory Lippiatt

Eric Kaufmann


Amit Bhattacharjee


Kristen Truempy

FacebookLinkedInThe Positive Psychology Podcast

It\'s a worthy and timely initiative. I was approached by Dr Gleb Tsipursky and he stated that the podcast already adheres to the guidelines.

Casey Dorman

Lost Coast Review

Jason Jewell


Wouter Hanegraaff


Brian Kennelly


Douglas Simson


John Johnson

FacebookLinkedInMy Website

I am a scientist, engaged in a lifelong search for accurate and reliable knowledge about human beings and our place in the universe. As a member of the scientific community, I strive to discover what is true and I depend upon others to share their truthful accounts of their own research. But my mission is undermined by those who deny the current scientific consensus on any issue and spread disinformation about it simply because that consensus interferes with their personal and political interests or contradicts what their wishful thinking. I took the Pro-Truth Pledge to emphasize my own commitment to be truthful and to encourage others to be truthful as well.

Lauren Griffin

TwitterMy website

I signed the pledge because the politicization of facts, expertise, and information has a corrosive effect on our society and damages our democracy. Change has to start with us.

adele diamond


Will Wilkinson


Kathie Alen

FacebookTwitterOfficial Campaign Website

I signed the pledge because restoring truth and integrity to government is the most important issue for me. I am also a family physician trained in science who wants data-driven soutions to policy decisions. I am dismayed by the undermining of science and ethics exhibited by the Trump Administration.

Rick Shenkman


Rick Shenkman is the editor of the History News Network. His newest book is "Political Animals: How Our Stone Age Brain Gets in the Way of Smart Politics."

N. J. Enfield

My website

I am Head of the University of Sydney Post-Truth Initiative. This Sydney Research Excellence Initiative examines fake news, alternative facts, lies, bullshit, and propaganda, with the aim to understand them, and to advise on how the truth might survive in this climate.

Adrian Bangerter

Unversite des Neuchatel

Fermenting Opinions


Fermenting Opinions is a podcast hosted by David Popiden and James McVeigh. David works in special education and leans left politically. James is an attorney who leans right and identifies as a Libertarian. It is the mission of Fermenting Opinions to promote civil discourse in political debate in an attempt to bridge the political divide that is currently plaguing the United States. To promote this mission, Fermenting Opinions utilizes a traditional interview format that presents questions to guests from both sides of the political aisle. In essence, as David tells us at the start of every podcast, Fermenting Opinions is the podcast in search of a more palatable political ferment.

Utah's CD-4 Coalition


Mark Henderson

I took the pledge simply because I believe in the mission behind it - truthful communication and action driven by rational thinking.

Laura Hopkins


I'm taking the Pro-Truth Pledge because truth is something that should never be taken for granted. I may have, at times, repeated something casually without checking its veracity or avoided acknowledging a fact because it was uncomfortable (like that one right there). By taking this pledge, I am prioritizing truth above pride and reminding myself that even if the world is not always honest, I can be if I try. I am acknowledging that finding the truth is not easy - millions of researchers dedicate their lives to that endeavor. It is worth aspiring to. Truth, fairness, and peace - all easy to advocate for, but in honesty, require work and perpetual vigilance to achieve.

Wikileaks on Weed


Scott Hazzard


After an interview with Gleb on my podcast, I was extremely ready to take this pledge. All public figures, politicians, and journalists, should be held to a higher standing when it comes to being honest with the public. It is our responsibility to be part of the solution. The state of the truth in this country is of utmost importance to our future as a nation.

Patrick Brown

My website

Geoff Walton

Google Scholar Citations

It is time to recognise that much of what is said in the media and by politicians is at best partial and at worst wholly inaccurate. If we teach people to automatically question every piece of information they read, in other words to become information and media literate we can help create a society which believes nothing unless it is properly evidenced, balanced and stated in a reasoned way. We can do this by giving people the tools of information and media literacy early in their educational career. In so doing we will enable people to build their own psychological immune system or \'cognitive firewall\' and begin to make them immune to the viruses of post-truth and alternative facts.

Michaela Burriss


Jessi Wynn


Jedediah Walls


It is important for us to keep facts and science at the forefront of our culture.

Matthew Sullivan

OSU Faculty Profile

Bruce Bookout


Monica Brinkman


Reem Mokhtar


Brent Hatley


Kieran Cartharn


Ginger Wireman


If elected, and in my daily life, I pledge to tell the truth and work to make sure transparency is pro-actively achieved. Just because something is available online, does not mean it is transparent if no one can find it through a simple search.

A Topic A Month Podcast


Adin Briggs


Colleen Craig


Kate Moran


With as many rumors and exaggerated lies being spread throughout the internet and television networks, it is important to be able to speak the truth and call out lies. It is equally important to admit when one has been duped, so that others can be spared from spreading falsehoods.

Susan Kayne


As a Writer and Educator, I took the Pro-Truth Pledge to declare my belief in the inimitable value of Truth. I believe that Truth is the only force capable of commandeering indifference for the sake of quelling apathy. In my field of Equine Welfare, the absence of factual information has served as a death sentence for tens of thousands of horses. Without transparency, it is impossible to determine an effective and ethical course of action. Hidden agendas veiled in half-truths are catalysts to promulgate cognitive dissonance. I believe in the goodness of people. I believe that informed and educated people will make better choices for humanity, our non-human co-habitants, and the environment. And, I believe with all my heart that the Truth, more than any other virtue, has the power to embolden us to create a kinder, freer, and more just future.

Anjelita Cadena

FacebookCampaign websiteUniversity of North Texas Faculty Directory

Ullrich Ecker

TwitterMy websiteResearch Gate

I study the impact of misinformation on people\'s memory, reasoning, and decision making, as well as ways to counteract misinformation. Fighting misinformation requires a concerted effort; thus we need initiatives like this one to build social norms around pro-truth behaviours, encourage people to to speak up whenever misinformation is encountered, and build trust in trustworthy source.

Leland Beaumont


Reality is our common ground. By seeking true beliefs we can move forward together. See:

Miriam R. B. Abbott


The Note Gazette


Ken Jones


Blind Dive


Nick Fortine

FacebookTwitterLinked in

Every hour of every day, high quality journalism is happening in newsrooms throughout the world, including right here in Columbus and Ohio. Stories are being produced that are informative, educational, thought-provoking, poignant and 100 percent factual. In other words, news. Not real news, just news. Let’s not get lured into a victim’s narrative that says there’s nothing we can do about fake news and let’s not use fake news as a crutch for defending our opinions rather than doing the hard work of verifying and justifying the arguments we’re making and the information we’re putting forth as factual.

Jason Houk


Glenn Caz Cazenave

FacebookBlind Dive

Tristan Rader

FacebookCampaign website

I took this pledge because we need accountable leaders who will be honest, forthcoming and transparent in their service to the community. With the constant attacks on journalism and truth, in general, we need to help work hard to restore the people\'s faith in government and the media. Thank you for leading this charge and I\'m honored to sign the Pro-Truth Pledge!

Laura Wagner


I direct the Language Sciences Research Lab located inside of the COSI science museum: One of our goals is to help the public understand how science works and to promote a pro-science world.

Douglas Nix


I took the pledge because the truth is critical to the functioning of democracy. Anything less is a profound disservice to our society and the world.

Abdulrasheed Saleh Michika


Cody Brewer

My podcast

Henry Bauer


Jonathan Haidt


Abrian Velarde


Stephan Lewandowsky


I am a cognitive scientist with an interest in computational modeling. That is, I try to understand how the mind works by writing computer simulations of our memory and decision-making processes. Recently, I have become interested in how people update their memories if things they believe turn out to be false. This has led me to examine the persistence of misinformation in society, and how myths and misinformation can spread. I have become particularly interested in the variables that determine whether or not people accept scientific evidence, for example surrounding vaccinations or climate science. More biographical detail including a list of all my scholarly publications can be found on my academic homepage at I also blog at on matters relating to climate change and global challenges. (On Twitter I am @STWorg).

Stefan Rahmstorf


I welcome this pledge because it explicitly states key ingredients of an open, honest discourse that is seeking the truth. These points almost go without saying and (I assume) are taken for granted by most of us in academia. Nevertheless we are now increasingly faced with actors in public discourse who are not acting in good faith and who try to misinform. An example from my field of expertise is those who deny human-caused global warming by twisting and cherry-picking evidence. Therefore it is important to remind everyone of the basic ethics essential for an honest and productive debate, without which an open democratic society cannot thrive.

Gordon Pennycook


I am a psychologist whose research has shown that analytic thinking helps inoculate against misinformation, fake news, and pseudo-profound bullshit. I support any effort that aims to get people thinking about truth and evidence.

George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication


David Budescu


Annette Taylor


Steven Sloman


Charles Harper

WebsiteBooks on Amazon

Edward Maibach


Antonia Krefeld-Schwalb


Alan Schwartz


Hyrum Matthews

FacebookCampaign website

Abrian Velarde


Alexia Bohwim


Go vegan.

Michael Jaquish


Shane Greenup


Improving the accuracy of our knowledge does not happen by accident. It requires continuous effort.

Chelsea Rustad


My name is Chelsea Rustad, and I am a member of the Socialist Party USA running for Tumwater City Council position 5. I was invited to take the Pro-Truth Pledge by a member of my local Olympia IWW, and felt it was a fantastic opportunity to emphasize the importance of critical thinking, citing sources, science-based expertise, and due diligence by all candidates and elected officials to represent facts and truthfulness to the best of their ability. I am of the opinion that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, because we have already witnessed the biased distortion of the facts in corporate media sources, lobbyist-influenced politicians under the control of big donors, lies of omission, and misleading clickbait floating around in social media. Therefore, all elected officials must demonstrate the integrity, impartiality, and forthrightness necessary to provide wise and informed leadership, and to make the right decisions for the future. The truth always matters!

College of Curiosity


Facts matter, and they're under attack by those who thinks their values are more important than objective reality. The College of Curiosity pledges to never knowingly share false information, and to correct any mistakes as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Kevin deLaplante


Asbjørn Lauwersen


Earth Organization for Sustainability


Yes We Can Columbus


The leadership of Yes We Can Columbus support the mission of the Pro-Truth Pledge wholeheartedly! Fair, unbiased information can be difficult to find. This is particularly true in political campaigning at the local level where there are often only one or two news sources covering local politics, if any. Yes We Can Columbus is committed to making civic engagement more accessible in Columbus by raising awareness around issues that matter to working people. We want to our city officials tackling complex problems like income inequality and corporate welfare, police violence, climate change, and inequities in public education. To have this, we need an educated and engaged constituency. We are grateful to the Pro-Truth Pledge for promoting democratic values by holding politicians and candidates accountable to the truth.

Colleen Dempsey


Amy Harkins

FacebookCampaign website

I took the pledge because I want the people of Columbus to have access to fair, accurate information when making their voting choices in local elections.

Erin Upchurch


I am taking the pledge because I believe everyone in Columbus deserves access to accurate information to inform their vote in local elections.

Abby Vaile


I took the pledge because I believe the people of Columbus deserve access to accurate information to inform their voting in local elections.

Jasmine Ayres


I think politicians should be accountable for the claims they make. City Council members should be giving weekly press conferences, and the city’s website should be more transparent.

Will Petrik


I think we need to be honest about our challenges in order to build a better future. That\'s a commitment every public servant should be ready to make.

John Peters

Tell the truth: sounds like a good idea.

James Franklin


Jeff Wagg


Facts matter, and they're under attack by those who thinks their values are more important than objective reality. I, and the College of Curiosity pledge to never knowingly share false information, and to correct any mistakes as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Our Revolution: Salt Lake and Surrounding Counties


We are taking the pledge because we, as a group, believe truth, in the media, politics, and our work as a group, is of utmost importance. By signing the pledge, we hope to help encourage our elected officials to join us in signing and holding each other accountable.

Melissa Lipomi


Michael Smith


Adam Davis


It is critical that in an era where the President is constantly lying about miniscule, easily disprovable things to disorient and distract us that we recenter our public discourse on facts and reality. Disagreements are not new, and will always be present, but these disagreements must be grounded in truth and facts. Only then will once again achieve the civil, high-minded discourse that seems to evade us at present.

Melissa Manrow


I believe in data-based decision making and factual discussion.

Unite Pasco


Kelly Cruse


Joe Begeny


Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee


Resist for GOOD


C Keiki Stacy Weigle


Method Social Kinetics LLC


Sophia Hawes-Tingey


Running for the Mayor of Midvale, Utah, potentially the first transgender mayor of a sizable city

Marla Mott-Smith


Tali Bruce


Candidate for Cottonwood Heights, Utah City Council District 3

Emily Hase


Adam Thompson


Darlene McDonald


When our elected officials lie, it could really mean the difference between life and death. Our elected officials lied about the ACA for over 7 years. This lie has shaped public opinion and policy. We must hold our elected officials accountable when they do not tell the truth and support them when they do, even if it's not politically expedient to do so.

Council of Ex Muslims of Britain


Rob Moore


Sadia Hameed

Mike Hazel


Jonathan Brostoff


Thomas Jicha

My website

Thomas Lucente


Amy Jones

I took the pledge as I am sick of seeing lies and deceit in the news, particularly on social media - it is all so depressing. On my podcast Amy Talks Politics, I address this regularly, as people believe a lot of fake news and updates that are not true.

Faith & Freedom Coalition Delaware


Alexandra Hegel


I took the pro-truth pledge because I think misrepresentation of news and information by the media is a problem of ever-increasing magnitude. I want to support efforts to promote honesty in journalism and politics. I hope that more politicians will be encouraged to sign this pledge as more of their constituents sign on, and hopefully this will help hold them to a higher standard.

Trent Nesmith

Mansell Baker

Christopher Peters


We face some tough problems in America, and knowing how to address them adequately requires first understanding them fully. To do so, we need honest and substantive discussion on all important issues, and not merely superficial and frequently argumentative partisan talking points. Unfortunately, those have become the norm, and we need to actively resist by behaving civilly, being willing to engage in discussions with those with whom we may disagree, and to hold our elected representatives responsible to do the same.

Linda Wattley


Elaissia Sears


Johnny Martin

FacebookMartin for AZ

Andre Salais


I became a political strategist because I value our representative democracy and the ideals democracy implies. For a democratic state to work, participants must promote open dialogue, consensus building, accountability, and a preference for truth. Rejection of truth, suppression, of science, and partisanship in spite of the facts are not conducive with justice, equitable representation for all, fact-based policy, or the best interests of the people. We have a moral responsibility to demand honesty from our elected officials, their consultants, and public figures who play a major role in writing our social and political narratives. If we truly value democracy, being Pro-Truth is our only option.

Lacee Steigerwald

It is a simple pledge, to help correct a serious problem. I am happy to refer to this pledge in all my public discourse and what I claim to be is my understanding of the truth.

Ted Apelt


Joseph E. Donlan, PhD

Website - Ordaining Reality

Church of the Basement Dragon


This is signed on behalf of the entire body of volunteers and administrators of the Basement Dragon. We are committed to the truth, the facts, and the evidence, no matter what any of them are or where they may lead. The world we live in is best navigated by knowing and abiding by what is evidently true, and not by that which is either not evidently true, or by what is evidently false. We will not forget, nor allow others to forget, that the truth is always there to be found, no matter what people believe, nor will we shirk our duty to inform people of the facts, however unpleasant they may be. Better the hard truth than comforting lie.

Cory Johnston


Thomas Sheedy


Conor Robinson

Foundation Beyond Belief

Harry Shaughnessy

CNN Article

Mandisa Thomas

Susan Chapelle


As a researcher, pro-truth has been not just important to me in politics, but an essential and critical way to engage with the world. Policy should be evidence informed, and not based on hyperbole or belief systems.

Frazer Kirkman


Matthew DeMello


Joe Elder


Getting Better Foundation


Our mission at the Getting Better Foundation is to promote trust through education about positive trends in human behavior. Truth is our highest value. The power of our message is propelled by the integrity of our organization. Honesty and attention to detail are the foundations for building our credibility. At Phelps, a marketing communications company, Truth is our highest value. We work only for companies whose products and services make the world a better place. That will happen only if Truth is an important part of their mission. Joe Phelps, Founder of Phelps and the Getting Better Foundation

Clark Donley


Barış Bayram

TwitterMy website

Matt Thornton


Steven Pinker


I have a book coming out in February which will make the case for truth and reason – it’s called Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

Rev. Bill Weir




National Compass


National Compass, an online news magazine, shares with Intentional Insights, the values of promoting facts above ideology when covering stories involving elected officials, government agencies and private individuals. A core of our mission is providing readers accurate information vetted by consulting responsible reporters and journalists in the field and fact checking the information and data from multiple credible sources. We were disturbed by the proliferation of clickbait, rumors and hoaxes perpetrated during the national elections and committed to be part of the solution and not a facet of the ongoing problem. We wholeheartedly embrace and endorse the mission of the Pro-Truth Pledge and are honored to be part of the revolution both individually and corporately.

March for Democracy


Ralph Wilkins

Awesome Astronomy took the pledge as soon as we heard about it. In doing so we have the opportunity to stand up for truth at such a critical time when the creation and dissemination of falsehoods is so prevalent. By taking the pledge, and abiding by its principals we can not only help combat falsehoods and inaccuracies in print and online, but also encourage our fans to commit to the core principals of sharing, honouring and encouraging truth too.

April Kemp

There is a lack of ethics, morals, and values in our culture. My bachelor's degree is in science. I do not tolerate the depreciation of facts. The people who lie need to be held accountable. I work in a public school system teaching impressionable young children it is unacceptable to lie, yet people in power dismiss my words and undermine me daily. How do I explain what's going on in our federal government to my students? The corruption is out of control.The Constitution was written to give the citizens of this country authority. Elected officials should be servants of citizens representing their best interests, not the best interests of corporations or the government officials themselves. Now is our time for the grassroots movement to choose our people and our planet with respect, dignity, and TRUTH.

Betty Field


Douglas Coleman





Bob Solomon


As a physician with a long-time, deeply serious, professional interest in biomedical and professional ethics, and more broadly in ethical conduct in all aspects of life, I applaud this effort as a citizen and as a candidate for public office.

Ed Brayton

Michael Callaway


Randy Grein


Richard Sagall


Jon Carpenter

FacebookCampaign website

Hashtag Truth Is Good!

John Loftus


Sarah Austin


Philosophical Atheism


Atheist Alliance of America


Kenneth Crouch

James Woods


John Jackson


Wayne Pearson

Pierre-Arnaud Perrouty

LinkedInEuropean Humanist Federation

Morgan Stringer


United Coalition of Reason


Jonathan Pearce

I am a philosopher, author and blogger who has an interest in truth. In fact, my life's ambition is to move inexorably closer to something like an objective truth (if one exists). It is also in my best interests, as one advocating for rational, empiriclly-based opinion-, argument- and policy-making. My blog, "A Tippling Philosopher" and all of my books and talks are, in some sense (I truly hope), manifestations of trying to achieve the goal of being as truthful and honest with not only everyone I am appealing to but, just as equally, to myself.

Mary Johnson

My websiteTwitterNew York Times article

Few things are as important as speaking the truth. We can make progress as a society only to the extent that we can trust each other, and that we use checks and balances to keep us honest. I hope everyone will make truth a priority in their lives.

Ed Buckner

As an author ("In Freedom We Trust"; Prometheus Books) and former leader of two different national groups (Council for Secular Humanism and American Atheists), frequent speaker, writer of essays and letters, and debater, I have grappled often with the problems addressed by the Pro-Truth Pledge. Everyone, regardless of stances on religion, politics, social values, science, and the environment, can be effective only if care is taken about sources, being critical of claims even when those claims support one's preferences, and tentative about his own claims. Peer review, in science and academe, is not just a traditional good habit--it is crucial to the integrity of the institutions and reputations of the people involved, and necessary for progress toward better understanding. See, for more about me (these are merely examples from many online sources):

Phil Zuckerman


John Perkins


Benjamin Radford


Jeremy Kasey

As a host of Secular Nation Podcast, I feel it is of the utmost importance to report legitmate facts grounded in reality. Institutions and individuals can not improve if they are led by false information. This includes my podcast. Having a public and transparent process for my listeners to hold me to account insures I dont fall into a Post Truth bubble. This is why I am taking the pledge. You can keep me honest by contacting me through email at or tweeting at me @secularjak.

Christine Shellska


Douglas Berger

WebsiteSecular LeftSecular Ohio

I took the pledge to acknowledge the steps all of us should take if we have a blog, write for the media, or share items with our friends. Facts, and truths coming from those facts, have no political bias. One way to address the deep political divisions in this country is to make sure we have the facts and that we share the truth in public. I write for a personal blog, a church and state blog, and I volunteer as co-chair for the Secular Coalition for Ohio. I personally make sure to fact check any information I put out in public and retract any information that turns out not be true.

Pamela Martin

Research Gate Profile

Ethan Bearman


Madilyn Love

FacebookTrans Atheist Podcast

As a podcaster and radio host for programs that support rational thought and humanism, I want to believe as many true things as possible, and as few false things as possible. The Pro-Truth pledge is my pledge to do just that in all my interactions.

Stephanie Savage


Skeptic Bret

As a host of a skeptical podcast, and leader of Pikes Peak Atheists, I am proud to add my name to the growing list of those who respect the truth over political affiliation, religious conviction, social position, or economic stature. My dedication to what is true, regardless of previously held beliefs, will hopefully be an inspiration to those mired in political double speak, religious motivation, and any other form of self-serving methodology. Let the record show that I am dedicated to what is true, no matter the consequences, because an educated society clears a path for the intellectually honest to lead us to ever greener pastures. -Skeptic Bret-

Kaveh Mousavi


I signed the Pro-Truth pledge because I want to encourage skeptical and critical thinking, especially when it comes to politics and political behavior. I understand why this issue is very important for Americans — Donald Trump basically memed his way into the White House by being the king of fake news. However, this issue has impacted Iranian politics a lot as well. We used to be a nation under foreign influence. We were never officially colonized, but there has been times that our regimes were the puppets of foreign countries, mostly the UK, and at times when our country was divided as a sphere of influence between the British and Russians. Because of this history conspiracy theories are very prevalent among Iranians: in 1979, the revolutionaries were convinced that they were toppling a regime that was the puppet of the USA, and the Shah was equally convinced that the USA was behind the revolutionaries. Whenever a public figure dies, people begin attributing their death to assassination. The regime likes to blame everything on foreign meddling — usually on the “Zionists”, while the opposition blame everything on a conspiracy of the regime. The latest example was the recent terror attacks in Tehran, when many people called them false flag attacks. There’s a strong link between a conspiratorial mind and a totalitarian mind. And critical thinking is the tool of a free person, transparency and seeking the truth is paramount for a democratic society: for the freedom of press, for the ideal of informed choice. To me, having a pro-truth attitude and promoting skepticism in the place of credulity is an integral part of my activism as a pro-democracy reformist.

Brian Mosley


Skip Kelly


Money, lies, manipulation, and corruption are the norm in our political system. I might not agree with everyone's opinion on the issues, but I'm always happy to have a debate based on FACTS. I'm tired of the disinformation. I'm tired of trying to discuss the direction of the country with people who have deeply held beliefs based on lies. It's time for voters to demand the truth. We need HONEST debate about the future of our nation.

Pierre Whalon


Jonathan Willis


The Wayward Willis Podcast strives to present information in an entertaining way, but promises to research, analyze, and relay the information truthfully and coherently. We will not spread stories known to be false or that originate from sources known to generate misinformation and/or confusion. We will, wherever necessary, offer corrections and/or clarification for our podcast episodes. We will not purposely misinform or incite our listeners, nor will we unduly malign or release the personal information of a person without their consent. The truth is the most important resource we have.

Thomas Smith


Michael Britt


Amy Ray

Secular YakkingTwitter

As a host on a podcast, I strive to bring the most honest content to our listeners and work to hold other public figures accountable for their words.

Robert Ray


As a podcaster, I feel it is my responsibility to provide the most accurate information to my listeners. That is why I use reliable sources and fact check the articles before posting them or using them in the show. Since our show has a slight political bent, we want to make sure public officials are being called out whenever they making incorrect or dishonest claims. That is why Secular Yakking supports and promotes the Pro-Truth Pledge.

Derek Colanduno


Dr. Charles Parker


Agnes Vishnevkin

Norman Schultz

I took the pledge because it simply makes sense and reflects the values I've already had for the past 20+ years. Words should mean something, and as Kant would point out, how you use them either contributes to or undermines the moral foundations of society.

Jordan Cooper

FacebookPublic Interest Podcast

Jordan P. Cooper, Host of, has long valued public service. Jordan has been involved with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act across the public and private sectors in hospitals, health insurance organizations, advocacy groups, the state legislature, and physician groups. Jordan ran as a Democratic Candidate for Delegate in the 2014 election cycle and is running again in 2018: www. He served as the President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association (2013-2014) and as the Chair of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Customer Advisory Board. He currently serves on the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, and the Rockville Selective Service Board. He is an Area Coordinator in District 16 for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee and is a member of the District 16 Democratic Board. Jordan has degrees from JHSPH and Vassar College.

Lynda Paquette (Lamp)


I am an author and speaker; my pen name is Lynda Lamp. I\'m writing a handbook for humanity for living consciously in the 21st Century, titled: Walking Through Your Walls, Loving Yourself and Everyone Else! In Volume I, currently available in hardback and ebook, I focus on how we find the truth. Taking the Pro-Truth Pledge seems like second nature to me. The protection of our freedom of speech in the Constitution was not put there to protect lies and misrepresentations. There is a difference between the form of freedom of speech that is protected, versus the people who want to use the protection to allow themselves to spread lies and misinformation. We must insist on truth, we must pursue truth, we must protect truth.

Val Rendel


I might be a candidate for IL State Rep in 2018.

Cliff Hansen


My name is Cliff Hansen and I am the host of the Just Us Podcast which is allied with Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. We are working to elect politicians who are accountable to the people instead of corporations by running primary candidates against every single corporate incumbent. While I feel we need to hold them financially accountable, I love the idea of the Pro-Truth Pledge because it holds them accountable to their words as well. In addition to politicians, I have had employers lie and order me to lie. Even job titles and resumes have lost any meaning as deceit is encouraged if not required. This trend toward Newspeak must end, and as with all things, that happens by individuals taking a step in the right direction. So I will take the pledge and encourage the politicians I endorse to be similarly accountable. I may also, someday, get the guts to request HR and my bosses to take the pledge as well, but don't count on it!

Don Rodgers

I am taking the Truth Pledge because I will tell the truth and I want the truth. I want to hear the concerns of residents in my town and take action to fix them. Thank you.

Howard Ross

I am an consultant and author who works on issues of diversity, inclusion and leadership with a specialty in addressing unconscious bias. I believe the truth is critical to our developing a greater sense of consciousness about our attitudes and behaviors. Keep up the good work!

August Brunsman IV


Executive Director Secular Student Alliance

Benjamin Watkins

I am the cohost of the Real Atheology Podcast. We take the pursuit of truth for its own sake as paramount. We wholly support the efforts of those involved with Pro-Truth Pledge, and are excited to help contribute. I have been using the facebook hashtag #MakeFactsMatterAgain to emphasis fact-based policy, and clear and impartial reasoning regarding those facts.

Chris Watson


tim clifford

I am a podcaster. My show is Atheism 101. We advocate truth and accuracy in all that we do. Join us

Matt Van Dyke

Andy Cowen


I am the creator of the Podcast, ORLYRADIO (Oh Really Radio). The show\'s tag line, \"where we dismantle the current events for your edutainment through mostly rational conversations that make you go ‘Oh Really’!\" is the best description of what I try to accomplish with my panelists. I recognize that we have biases and that humans are not the most rational beings. It takes effort to be accurate and we take the time to dig past the headlines and soundbites. It\'s not very glamorous, or even entertaining, but it\'s informative. Facts exist outside of our biases, and facts matter. The world we live in needs to be able to trust those in power to be rational actors deriving their decisions from facts not tweets. As a citizen of the United States, a father, and podcaster, I pledge to stand for truth (the fact based rational kind) in all that I do to set an example for those that I influence. If you would like to support my show, find us in your podcast app and at

Daniel Atherton

I am taking the pledge to affirm my stance that truth is the pillar of journalism, politics and society. I take the pledge to hold myself accountable and make the encouragement of truth a part of my daily life. I hope I can inspire others to do the same, I invite everyone to join our dialogue at and to make sure we stay on task.

David O'Connor

Hi! I'm one of the cohosts on a podcast where we dismantle current events for peoples edutainment. We are all proudly taking this pledge as it is our goal to provide the most honest and accurate information as possible. We will stand proudly with all those who promote the truth and hope to also be a beacon of honesty in our modern day sea of often inaccurate or misrepresented information. If you're interested in what we do, please check us out at the link below!

Richard Cameron


As Editor in Chief of National Compass, I signed the pledge for the reason that during the 2016 national elections and the campaign season that preceded it, America had become inundated with misinformation, outright fiction and unsubstantiated rumors designed to appeal to the confirmation biases and base instincts of a sizable segment of the voting population. Equally concerning was the reality that a considerable amount of this was being launched at the United States from outside of the country and at the direction of a foreign power. While disinformation cannot be censored or outlawed, we can blunt its impact by providing alternatives and exposing the lies. Committing to truthfulness and fact checking is the first step in turning this problem around.

Mykael David Lazzeri


I aim to produce the Philosophers Stone so as to transmute the witness, in the alchemical tradition, into a new self from within. My works are sacred visionary artifacts for the inspiration of the future; it is the stone that stays to tell our story. My purpose is to shape stone into something inspiring, conscious, heart-opening, soul-moving, playful, beautiful, sensual, universally valuable, and truthful. I create multidimensional expressions of the collaboration between the human hand, mind, and the whispering consciousness manifest in the lines, the history, the geology, and the journey of the stone. My intention is that my work will impact many generations (and multiple witnesses) creating a sense of wonder & connection, positive self-transformation & hope, delight & inspiration; that the witness will be awakened to inspiration and serenity. May All Beings, in All Times, in All Places, in All Dimensions, have the choice of infinity and temporary.

Melissa Wilde


I believe that being willing to accept facts, even when they don't align with our values, is an important step to being able to work together to accomplish the greater good. As an elected official I have a responsibility to research and make informed decisions. I represent all of the people in my community and the ability to look at different points of views based on factual information is key to being able to represent well. #wecanhandlethetruth

Jay Baumeister


I feel it is time to bring the country back together and this can not be done the way congress is acting now in an us vs them mentality. Most congressmen have only one goal and that is to get reelected. Congressmen will say whatever they need to in order to accomplish that goal truth or not. I pledge to work toward the truth and to be willing to speak the truth even if it is not in my best interest politically. I am a Republican running for Congress in Ohio District 12

JD Corbette

FacebookThe Pseudoscientific Method

I am a nonprominent Podcast analyst of the Pseudoscientific Method. Our podcast is literally set to check facts, and whoop ass and we stand by that through this pledge. If we are expecting others to be factually correct we should have the same expected for us. So...

Doug Wilson


Truth is a commodity in short supply, replaced by hyperbole and inflated rhetoric. Those who support the concept of the Pro-Truth pledge are stating that the Truth matters. It is relevant and necessary and must be supported. By stating this the public can rely upon statements put forward by those who have taken the pledge. It encourages and increases the value of facts and the honesty in discourse, public statements and posts on social media platforms. In these times when even those in high elected offices use distortion, diversion and other tactics to present what they and their spokespeople have labelled \\\'alternative facts\\\' the Pro-Truth Pledge is a bold movement to encourage open and honest communication. I believe that all who hold public office or seek public office have a responsibility to be honest in their comments and presentations. Rhetorical comments, hollow platitudes and empty promises are no way to seek or attempt to hold a public office which is a public trust. Those who resort to such tactics are not deserving of the offices they hold or seek. I wish your project continued and growing success that those who cast votes may do so knowing that the views for which they vote are sincere, honest and worthy of the trust reflected in those votes.

dennis whitcomb

I was brought up to respect the truth as a high ideal and I am concerned with the apparent willingness of the majority to put beliefs before truth. I see this project as a powerful tool to rally Americans back to the lofty values we profess.

Jami Miller


Aron Ra


As a full-time political activist advocating science education against stiff and overwhelming opposition at every level of government, I have often demanded that we have some way to hold politicians accountable for the factless falsehoods and bigotry and lack of integrity, morality, or decency that some of them commonly espouse. Now that I'm running for political office as well, I insist that others be held to the same standards and code of honor that I adhere to myself.

Josiah Mergele

The ideas expressed in this pledge are ideas that I've held for a long while, but the Pro Truth Pledge is a physical outlet and personal decree that I can both hold myself accountable to, and use as a display of these core ideals.

Ed Albertson


I am an Eagle Scout. The first law of the Boy Scout Law is, "A Scout is Trustworthy." Being truthful builds trust between people and trust is the "glue" that binds us together as human beings.

Andy Cowen

I am a podcaster and activist. I share my political opinion and dissect the news every week, looking for rationality. It is hard to come by. I need the world to make sense for me and my family. I want reasonable behavior, so I took the pledge. You should too. And you can hear me talk about it and anything else that seems outrageous at every Friday.

Robert Ray


Trav Mamone


I took the pledge because we need to fight against our post-truth society with facts, not narratives. Everyone on the political spectrum needs to examine their previously-held beliefs in order to think more critically. #MakeAmericaSkepticalAgain!

Noah Lugeons


I support the pro-truth pledge because, as a humanist, I firmly believe that human nature is fundamentally oriented towards reason and rationality; and that the primary thing that stands between the present political climate and productive discourse is a lack of accountability to the truth. A perverse evolution of political incentives has pushed our elected officials away from reliance on facts and science; and if we can counteract or reverse those incentives, our disagreements can once more become productive. Truth should supersede partisanship, ideology, and bias; and no politician unwilling to pledge allegiance to truth is unfit to serve in elected government.

Rick Heller


Susan Lear


Andy Norman

The Humanist

Matthew ONeil

Daniel Epstein


As a progressive who has always valued learning to make a our society better, as a Democrat who believes in ethics and transparency in government and politics, as a lifelong student and teacher who has always been devoted to the sciences, humanities, and all forms of study, I will tell the truth, promote the truth, and live the truth. I will stand against not only my opponents, but my own co-partisans if need be, to honor the truth in the face of falsehood. I am running for the US House of Representatives in the Texas 19th Congressional District in 2018.

Patricia Blochowiak


Doug Wilson


As a candidate I value your Truth initiative and wish more candidates would pledge to be forthright and honest in dealing with the electorate and that an initiative be undertaken to eliminate dishonest & inflammatory campaign advertising.

Robert Faw

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I\\\'m a semi-demi public figure as a speaker/author at conferences, etc.

LaKeisha Chestnut


As an undeclared candidate for Congress, I wanted to show my solidarity with the truth because we are going to need the truth to hold people accountable for what they do in Washington, Our State Governments, and our local governments. It is time that we hold the very tenets of our society close to our hearts and began anew. That is why I signed the pledge.

Larry Carter Center

In all six campaigns for public office TELLING THE TRUTH is what set me apart from my dishonest opponents AND MY NEXT RACE SHALL FEATURE THIS PLEDGE process/website challenging BOTH OPPONENTS and dishonest alleged news reporters TO ACCEPT our challenge

Cass Midgley


Bob Pondillo

John B. Wells

The lifeblood of my program to which my name is attached and therefore all who I call and who call me, friend, those who trust me to be honest with them, and most importantly in the Earthly realm, my family rely on truthfulness in what I do. And of supreme importance, God is watching. And listening.

Kelli Stretesky


Johnathan Arriola

Skeptic Lab PodcastTwitter

Charles Alexander Zorn


Carl Baker

TriCity Freethinkers

I am chair of the Tri-City Democrats (@TriCityDems on Facebook), a Benton County Precinct Committee Officer and active in my local Freethinkers organization.

Gleb Tsipursky


The tenets of the Pro-Truth Pledge align with what I see as crucial behaviors for public figures such as myself to follow in order to avoid undermining trust in our society. I believe that all public figures who are truth-oriented should take the pledge, which would help us all to distinguish between the ones who can be trusted, and the ones who are not. Thus, I am happy to take the pledge, and also donate my time and money to advance the pledge.