Danielle Allen

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At Moment of Truth, we are on a mission to transform lives through trauma-informed and human-centered practices. As scholars and passionate advocates for truth, we recognize the profound impact that authenticity and transparency have on communities. By taking the Pro-Truth Pledge, we affirm our commitment to not only upholding truth but also using it as a powerful tool for healing and empowerment. Our work encompasses a range of creative strategies, from coaching to branding and marketing design, all rooted in principles of empathy and authenticity. We believe that truth is the foundation of meaningful connections and positive change. Through our services, we empower individuals to share their stories, amplify their voices, and collectively mend our fractured world. Our hope is that by joining the pledge, we can inspire others to embrace truth as a guiding principle in their work. We strive to create a more authentic and raw world where every voice is heard and every story matters.