Mykael David Lazzeri


I aim to produce the Philosophers Stone so as to transmute the witness, in the alchemical tradition, into a new self from within. My works are sacred visionary artifacts for the inspiration of the future; it is the stone that stays to tell our story. My purpose is to shape stone into something inspiring, conscious, heart-opening, soul-moving, playful, beautiful, sensual, universally valuable, and truthful. I create multidimensional expressions of the collaboration between the human hand, mind, and the whispering consciousness manifest in the lines, the history, the geology, and the journey of the stone. My intention is that my work will impact many generations (and multiple witnesses) creating a sense of wonder & connection, positive self-transformation & hope, delight & inspiration; that the witness will be awakened to inspiration and serenity. May All Beings, in All Times, in All Places, in All Dimensions, have the choice of infinity and temporary.