Cliff Hansen


My name is Cliff Hansen and I am the host of the Just Us Podcast which is allied with Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. We are working to elect politicians who are accountable to the people instead of corporations by running primary candidates against every single corporate incumbent. While I feel we need to hold them financially accountable, I love the idea of the Pro-Truth Pledge because it holds them accountable to their words as well. In addition to politicians, I have had employers lie and order me to lie. Even job titles and resumes have lost any meaning as deceit is encouraged if not required. This trend toward Newspeak must end, and as with all things, that happens by individuals taking a step in the right direction. So I will take the pledge and encourage the politicians I endorse to be similarly accountable. I may also, someday, get the guts to request HR and my bosses to take the pledge as well, but don't count on it!