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Executive Director


Become an influential leader in the fight for rational discourse and truth in politics as the Executive Director for Intentional Insights and its Pro-Truth Pledge project. Take charge of an endeavor that doesn’t just aim to quell the wildfires of misinformation, fake news, and post-truth politics, but aspires to re-engineer the very landscape of public dialogue to prioritize truth, civility, and integrity, armed with empirical evidence and rational analysis. Under your stewardship, the Pro-Truth Pledge will become a gold standard for a commitment to facts and accuracy, civility and reasoned dialogue on a national scale.

This is the first Executive Director of the organization, which was previously run by volunteers, and you would be expected to stand up the structure of the organization. That means spending a lot of time contacting those who signed the pledge to ask them to donate and volunteer. Please address your ability to do so in your cover letter thoroughly.

This position offers guaranteed funding through January 2025, with the expectation for continuation based on fundraising performance. As the organization grows, we hope you’ll evolve into a managerial role responsible for leading a team.



– Develop and implement a fundraising strategy tailored to the mission of promoting truth and rational thinking

– Conduct solicitation calls to potential and current donors

Volunteer Coordination and Recruitment

– Design a volunteer engagement strategy to attract those passionate about truth-seeking

– Manage current and new volunteers

Outreach to Other Organizations

– Identify and negotiate partnerships with organizations that align with our mission of combating disinformation

– Facilitate collaborative initiatives and campaigns for greater impact

Increasing Signatory Base for the Pro-Truth Pledge

– Conceptualize and execute campaigns to encourage individuals and organizations to sign the Pro-Truth Pledge

– Use metrics and analytics to evaluate the efficacy of outreach initiatives

Public Presentations

– Advocate for truth and rational thinking through compelling, data-backed virtual presentations to diverse audiences

– Collaborate with organizations to present for their members

Earned Media and Public Relations

– Develop a media outreach strategy that capitalizes on trending topics related to disinformation

– Engage with journalists and thought leaders to secure earned media opportunities

Political and Public Figure Outreach

– Foster relationships with politicians, public figures, and organizations across the political spectrum who are aligned with our cause of combating disinformation

– Leverage these relationships to secure collaborations that amplify the impact of the Pro-Truth Pledge

Qualifications and Skills (in order of importance)

– Organized, detail-oriented problem solver who initiates action

– Prior experience in fundraising, especially involving phone-based donor outreach

– Demonstrated commitment to civic engagement and rational discourse

– Comfortable delivering virtual presentations

– Capable of engaging with diverse leaders and organizations, including those of left-leaning and secular groups

– Knowledgeable about US politics

– Values truth above ideology

– Proficient in tools including Excel, Google Docs, Mailchimp, Facebook Groups, ChatGPT, and Trello


– Fully remote position

– Desirable to travel to Columbus, Ohio, once a year for a board retreat

Salary and Benefits

– This is a part-time position (25 hours per week)

– $17-$23 per hour, based on experience

– $1 hourly rate increase after a successful 3-month review

– After that, quarterly performance-based bonuses up to $500

– Annual merit-based raise based on quantifiable outcomes

If you have any questions, email protruthpledgehire [at]

To apply, submit your resume and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience to protruthpledgehire [at]

**Application Deadline: November 30, 2023**

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