Why a Conservative Christian Pastor Took the Pro-Truth Pledge

Caption: Image from Lorenzo T. Neal’s website (Courtesy of Lorenzo Neal)

The phrase “You can’t handle the truth!” has become a part of American pop culture and we say it without even thinking about it. We expect the truth from media and our public officials. However there are many in the public sphere who believe the line from the movie, and think that Americans cannot handle truth. They have bought into the belief that alternative facts and misleading headlines and storylines are the only thing people can understand. They go out of their way to ensure that people stay in ignorant bliss while they continue providing lies and misinformation plaguing our daily news cycles and political rhetoric. One way to counter this great miscarriage of knowledge is by taking the Pro-Truth Pledge.

I happened upon the Pro-Truth Pledge after having Dr. Gleb Tsipursky as a guest on my Zera Today radio show. After hearing of his experience and expertise, I was convinced that I needed to take the pledge. The Pro-Truth Pledge exists to reverse the tide of lies by encouraging everyone including politicians and other public figures to commit to truth oriented behavior. Through the Pro-Truth Pledge, individuals are encouraged to honor truth, encourage truth, and share truth. They are encouraged to verify information before sharing on their social media, defend those who share truth even if it doesn’t agree with their personal beliefs or opinions. They are encouraged to educate by informing others in their sphere of influence to not use unreliable sources and courageously demand retractions when untruths are presented to the public. The Pro-Truth Pledge is all about holding everyone to the same level of accountability.

As a pastor in a Christian faith community, I am held to a higher standard of communicating truth. I also identify as a conservative politically (a classical liberal with libertarian leaning) and expect those in public service are held accountable to the promises they make on the campaign trail. Proverbs 10:32 says that a righteous person speaks things that are true and acceptable from their lips but the mouth of a deceitful person is perverted. Jesus of Nazareth spake some pretty famous words in John 8:32 when he “you will know the truth and the truth will make you free.” Furthermore in James 5:12 and 3 John 1:4, truth is strongly encouraged against all falsehood. Whether one is religious or not, truth should be the synonymous moral standard for all individuals.

If we fall prey to the ongoing pursuit of alternative facts and lies by public officials and celebrities, we may lose our democracy. If we don’t hold government officials and people of influence to the truth, it will be hard to fight against corruption in government. The Pro-Truth Pledge brings everyone together around the commitment to the ideal of truth without consequences. It promotes true liberation from those who wish to maintain the status quo through a plethora of lies.

I am committed to promoting truth. That is why I took the Pro-Truth Pledge. My life and ministry is about empowering others to knowing and impacting the world around them. You can do more than protest. You can do more than vote. You can take the Pro-Truth Pledge and help others do the same.