Financial Support for Pro-Truth Pledge Activities

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You’re excited about doing Pro-Truth Pledge (PTP) activism but financial challenges are blocking your way? What if you’re a “broke-ass college student” as one PTP volunteer told me? No worries, we got you covered.

Generous donors for the PTP have offered to cover some basic costs of anyone interested in doing activism, but having financial difficulties hindering their volunteering efforts (no donations from the Koch brothers or George Soros as of yet). You can get up to $20 per month reimbursed for such costs as printing materials and purchasing and putting together a binder to help gather signatures, or getting PTP-themed business cards, and similar material costs.

Separately, you can get up to $20 for costs associated with participating in an event, such as gas, paying for parking, price of entry, and other costs when you are doing PTP activism: gathering signatures, giving a speech, . You can also get up to $20 for event-themed costs, such as making a PTP sign for visibility at an event such as a march or political rally.

If you can get a table at a promising community or political event, we can reimburse up to $100 for the table if you can commit to arranging for yourself or someone else to be present for at least three-fourths of the event (we trust you to pick relevant events). We will also reimburse up to $15 off the costs of PTP-themed merchandise, to ensure your visibility at events. We will consider other reimbursement requests on a case-by-case basis.

Caption: Ken Whitaker at the Hispanic Heritage Parade & Street Festival in Utah. A regular booth there costs $175, but a nonprofit one costs $100. Since the PTP is run by the nonprofit Intentional Insights, it cost $100 to get a booth there. The $100 was sponsored by PTP donors through the mechanism described in this blog (Courtesy of Ken Whitaker)

To get reimbursements, or consideration of case-by-case requests for funding, first email and describe your financial need: no need to provide documentation, just describe your situation in a paragraph, and get confirmation of approval. After that, just email with the receipt for the purchase of the materials/binder, parking or travel by Lyft/Uber/Taxi/public transport or approximate gas money, or the approximate cost of paper and ink if you are printing at home, and any other expenses in similarity to these. Also explain what you used this money to pay for, so we can keep a clear track of reasons for expenditures, and a scan or clear photographs of all the signatures you gathered.

Finally, please provide a PayPal account to which we can transfer the money (this is currently our only means of reimbursement – for setting up a PayPal account, which you can do with any credit or debit card, see this link). Ideally, you would let us know ahead of time, but after an event or expense is also fine as long as it falls within the categories described above: we will not be able to reimburse case-by-case requests after you made the purchase if you did not get prior approval. We trust all PTP advocates to avoid abusing this system (after all, you signed the Pro-Truth Pledge yourself), and only use this as needed per your financial difficulties arranging for these needs otherwise.

What can we help you clarify about the reimbursement process?

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