In this, the season for gift-giving, we correspondents reflect on interactions with members that have enriched our journalism. Just as I was beginning to despair that facts in politics had become fiction, a member gave me hope.
Quotes Gleb saying “there's no question the president plays a large role in cultivating this climate of distrust,”.
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Engadget writer Mariella Moon quotes Gleb's Scientific American article where he says that by using that poor alternative for "evidence-based," the administration is saying that it "wants doctors to shift away from treating people based on the best scientific research, and instead use the fuzzy standard of 'community wishes.'"
Russell Brand on Hackernoon where he says "I took the Pro-Truth Pledge and asked a lot of people about things that they had posted that seemed untrue. Almost no-one cared that what they were posting was untrue. Publicly supporting their affinity group was more important to them.
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Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, a previous guest on Inciting Incident and contributor to Ris's newest novel "Voice in the Dark," comes back on the show to talk about the Pro-Truth Pledge, the process of going through it, and the benefits of doing so.
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10TV coverage of the event, quoting Gleb saying “People don't really trust what's going on, and they don't trust what's coming out of politician's mouths. If you look at polls, America's trust in government is at its lowest level in ages."
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