Pro-Truth Pledge Volunteer of the Month – December 2018

The Pro-Truth Pledge is a grassroots project made possible by the efforts of volunteers around the world.

Some of the volunteers focus their efforts on external activities, such as gathering signatures, giving presentations, running local PTP chapters, and otherwise promoting the Pro-Truth Pledge. Other volunteers work behind the scenes assisting with website maintenance, research, data entry, content creation, and a variety of other tasks.

This month we are pleased to acknowledge Jeff Dubin for his contribution to the success of the Pro-Truth Pledge project. 

Jeff Dubin, PTP Activist in Columbus, Ohio

While I had been concerned for a long time about blatant dishonesty in politics and media, the 2016 election was the straw that broke the camel’s back. There is enormous danger posed by the precedent of a candidate so willing to lie, over and over again, and even contradict himself, being able to reach the highest office. When the idea of the PTP was introduced to me, it made sense immediately.

In August, I traveled to Atlanta to table at DragonCon, an enormous convention for sci-fi, gaming, comic and animation fans, etc. There I was able to get out the message about the Pro-Truth Pledge and to obtain numerous pledge signatures. By securing thousands of individual pledge signatures, we can both press public figures to sign and hopefully influence the signers’ social media behavior. One signer made a point of saying she would be much more careful before sharing politically charged content.

I try to practice what the PTP preaches by acknowledging, whether verbally or online, by honoring, sharing, and encouraging the truth. I look forward to there being increased scrutiny on public figures who refuse to take the Pro-Truth Pledge. I hope that they will be repeatedly interrogated as to why they are not willing to commit to adhere to facts.

PS: If you are interested in joining the Pro-Truth Pledge volunteer team, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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