Pro-Truth Pledge Volunteers of the Month – April 2018

The Pro-Truth Pledge project is a grassroots effort made possible by the efforts of volunteers around the world.

Some of the volunteers focus their efforts on external activities, such as gathering signatures, giving presentations, running local PTP chapters, and otherwise promoting the Pro-Truth Pledge. Other volunteers work behind the scenes assisting with website maintenance, research, data entry, content creation, and a variety of other tasks.

This month we are pleased to acknowledge two volunteers for their contribution to the success of the Pro-Truth Pledge project: Carl Baker and Nora Koci. They are great examples of reliability, consistency, flexibility, and teamwork that fuels the Pro-Truth Pledge.


PTP Volunteers of the Month - April 2018

External Volunteer

Carl Baker, Washington State Organizer

I’m the Washington State group lead and I am part of the PTP Political Cultivation Committee. I’ve also to mentored a couple of folks in other locations.

I’m hopeful that the Pro-Truth Pledge project will help return our nation to a less divisive state and allow some form of political and social progress to be made.

Internal Volunteer

Nora Koci, Video and Audio Editor

I edit audio and video for Intentional Insights social media, our YouTube channel, and for promoting the Pro-Truth Pledge. I’m also currently working on a new radio show that Intentional Insights is coming out with – the “Think Better, Live Better Show”.

I’m excited about the Pro-Truth Pledge because it is important that people tell the truth and advocate truthfulness in politics, social media, and in constructing their arguments. I’m glad that the Pro-Truth Pledge is gaining ground because there is so much misinformation out there, people need to be aware and push for the truth!

PS: If you are interested in joining the Pro-Truth Pledge volunteer team, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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