Pro-Truth Pledge Volunteers of the Month – March 2018

The Pro-Truth Pledge project is a grassroots effort made possible by the efforts of volunteers around the world.

Some of the volunteers focus their efforts on external activities, such as gathering signatures, giving presentations, running local PTP chapters, and otherwise promoting the Pro-Truth Pledge. Other volunteers work behind the scenes assisting with website maintenance, research, data entry, content creation, and a variety of other tasks.

This month we are pleased to acknowledge two volunteers for their contribution to the success of the Pro-Truth Pledge project: Ken Whitaker and Kevin Bavaro. They are great examples of reliability, consistency, flexibility, and teamwork that fuels the Pro-Truth Pledge.

External Volunteer

Ken Whitaker, Utah State Organizer

I volunteer with the Pro-Truth Pledge as the Utah state organizer, concentrating on the Salt Lake City area. I’m mentoring four other, new volunteers from different areas of the world. I’m also part of the PTP Political Cultivation Committee, which is just getting up and running.

What excites me about the Pro-Truth Pledge project is the thought of being able to turn the tide on all the “fake news” and “alternative facts” that seem so rampant these days. I’m excited to be able to get people to sign the pledge and have successfully gotten several candidates to sign it. I’m now very excited to start presenting it to our currently elected officials and really start reversing the impact of lies in our politics.

Internal Volunteer

Kevin Bavaro, Newsletter Coordinator

My volunteer role with the Pro-Truth Pledge is to coordinate the editing and publication of the Pro-Truth Pledge newsletter. It has been exciting to watch the mail list grow from the original few hundred to now well over 5,000 people who have taken the pledge, and I enjoy being able to help communicate the latest news and happenings.

I am excited about the project, and got involved, because I saw an opportunity to support reversing the emphasis on loudness and volume of news, and to return the focus to quality and truth. I used to do both news writing and public relations (mainly in sports) and have not enjoyed seeing the communication of information focus on ratings and income. The project’s engagement of both consumers and sources of information is key to me, and this greater engagement the Pro-Truth Pledge is fostering should help create an improved quality of debate and discussion – both in the US and in my home country, Canada.

PS: If you are interested in joining the Pro-Truth Pledge volunteer team, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Truth Pledge Volunteers of the Month – March 2018

  1. These are both great testimonials. I have been sharing the Pro-Truth Pledge cards with several members of our Virginia General Assembly. Kevin, I’m going to be to a conference in November in Toronto of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and was wondering if Elliott Trudeau has been exposed to the Pro-Truth Pledge. I have great respect for the man and suspect that he would readily accept one.

  2. Joe, thanks for your comment. I am unsure if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been exposed to the pledge. I agree with you, his actions have indicated that he has the integrity to sign and live by the pledge. Admittedly, I want to start locally and focus on my municipal and provincial reps before going after the bigger fish, but It would be wonderful to have Mr. Trudeau sign.

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